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Trust & Estates & Real Estate Sections; NAELA (National Academy of Elderlaw Attorneys)
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Nancy J. Brady, R.N., Esq.
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Lanes Are Fluid
Dear Editor:
In response to Ed Gormley
about riding in the bike lanes. I
ride the boards almost everyday
on my bike and would love to
ride in the bike lanes, but they are
being used by people who stroll
the boardwalk oblivious to their
surroundings, four across taking
up the whole bike lane. That forc-
es me to find open space to ride,
which usually means outside the
bike lanes. Asking people to stay
in their assigned spaces is like
telling aNewYorker tocross at the
corner and not jaywalk .... it’s just
not gonna happen. But I will stay
in the bike lanes when they are
free of pedestrian traffic. Have a
great and safe summer to all.
Walter Rogers
Really? Again?
Dear Editor:
When is this destruction of our
community bus shelters going to
end? I took a photo "AGAIN" on
Tuesday August 1st while trave-
ling home on Rockaway Beach
Blvd. and Beach 105th street.
Since we're not apprehending
these idiots that seem to have
something against Bus shelters
maybe something else has to be
done. Since cameras are expen-
sive maybe the City can come up
with some other ideas since we're
all paying for this each and every
time it occurs, I'm just saying.
Danny Ruscillo
Dear Editor:
Thank you for the heartwarm-
ing, uplifting story about Pat Nash
donating his kidney to Father Jim
Cunningham. It is always good to
have restored faith in humanity!
Peggy S.