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Words won’t fail you at Fort Til-
den this Saturday. And you’ll get
a happy earful as a wave of words
For the second year in a row the
Rockaway Artists Alliance presents
WordWaves, avibrantmixof story-
tellers, comedians, poets andplay-
ers. The event kicks off this Satur-
day, August 6, at RAA’s T-7 Gallery
at 7p.m.
Admission isbydonation.
“This promises to be an eclec-
tic extravaganza,” says organizer
and RAA Board member Victoria
Barber. “It’s an evening of inspira-
tion, poetry, comedy, storytelling
and song. We bring together local
Rockaway artists and our old and
Among those old friends are
Rick Patrick and Will Lee. Known
as Mr. Patrick and Master Lee, the
duo formed TalkingStick, an ever
changing group of spoken word
performers and musicians. A veri-
table variety show TalkingStick has
come to be world known and just
finished a nine year residency at
TalkingStickwas infact the inspi-
ration for Word Waves. Invited to
play at Rockaway Artists Alliance
last year, they blew the audience
away. Performers were even in-
vited to play at other places on the
Noting the reaction, RAA also
began to think of hosting similar
events. SoWordWaveswasborn.
About this year’s event Barber
notes, “Joining us from the Irish
American Writers and Artists
group are comediennes and play-
wrights Sarah Fearon and John
“John,”shesays, “isknownas the
‘Bard of Gridlock’ and is rumored
tohaveaRockaway tale (inhis rep-
ertoire). His original play Cabtivist
is in this year’s FringeFestival,”one
of the largest multi-arts festivals in
Fearon, who recently appeared
at the packed Impulsive Acts ben-
efit at RAA, presents her own orig-
inal take on life in and love of New
The Word Waves bill will also
boast performances by a variety of
storytellers, poets andwriters. Tak-
Sandra Proto, George C. Pizzo and
Punctuating the show with mu-
sicwill bewell-known local singer/
songwriters JessieMay of the band
Ethoscope, Jammin’ Jon Kiebon,
Book lover Marilyn Macron and
‘jack-of-all-trades’ performer/au-
thor Dan Guarino round out the
Word Waves’ audience can also
take homemore than a good story
or song. The RAA Press Printmak-
bookstore with books and other
items from the featured perform-
ers, as well as music and fine art
Before the show visitors can
also take a look at RAA’s newest
exhibition, Forbidden Fruit. Sub-
titled Street Art in a National Park,
it showcases fourteen large scale
works in, outside of and around
the T-7 Gallery. Forbidden Fruit
wasmade possible by a grant from
the National Endowment for the
Arts. Chosen fromover 30 submis-
sions, the selected artists created
each of the paintings at RAA. Each
was created specifically for Forbid-
den Fruit, often with a Rockaway
theme.Many cleverly becomepart
of theFortTildenenvironment.
“You couldn’t ask for a better
back drop for Saturday’s perfor-
mance,” saidoneRAAmember.
It might be your funny bone that
gets tickled or your eyes that get
watery. There may be a song ring-
ing in your brain or a story stuck in
Whether it’s your eyes or your
ears, Word Waves has something
for you.