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Eating AroundTheWorld:
In Rockaway
By Pat Morgan
Is Vodka Sauce truly an Ital-
ian dish or was it invented right
here in the good ol’ U.S. of A?
We know for a fact that this
rich sauce, which is a combi-
nation of tomatoes, ham, dairy
and alcohol first appeared in
the 1970’s, with penne as the
pasta of choice to absorb it. One
source states that it gained pop-
ularity during that decade when
avariationwonanational recipe
contest in Italy. Another claims
that James Doty, a graduate of
Columbia University, was the
creator of the now famous dish,
Penne alla Vodka. Still, others
say that it was invented by vod-
ka manufacturers who tried to
pass it off as Italian.
The combination of cream
sauce mixed with tomatoes or
red sauce is unusual in Italian
cooking because the acidity of
the tomatoes tends to make the
oil in the cream separate. Using
alcoholic beverages, particu-
larly wine, is common in Ital-
ian cooking. So why the vodka?
Well, it serves as an emulsifier
or stabilizer, allowing the wa-
ter and lipids to remain mixed
together. It is also thought to
release certain flavors from the
tomato that would otherwise be
We do not know the exact
origin of Vodka Sauce, but we
do know that Boardwalk Piz-
za has taken it to the next level
by offering five different vari-
ations. Their version is made
fresh daily, which includes San
Marzano-style tomatoes, fresh
cream, sautéed shallots and on-
ions along with thin slices of im-
ported prosciutto.
You can always start with the
classic Penne alla Vodka. Look-
ing for a change from the stand-
ard Chicken Parm? You can try
the Chicken Alla Vodka hero or
the entrée, which uses the vel-
vety Vodka Sauce in place of
pomodoro sauce, topped with
fresh mozzarella. Looking to
kick up your pizza slice a notch?
Try the Penne alla Vodka pizza
(round) or the Penne alla Vodka
Grandma Pie. Are you a seafood
lover? How about their pièce
de résistance - Calamari Vod-
ka, which features golden-fried,
bathed in this glorious sauce?
All entrees come with fresh-
ly-baked bread to mop up all of
that goodness.
Can’t get enough of Board-
walk Pizzeria’s sauces? Well,
their sauces are made to order
for you to take home and enjoy:
Pomodoro, marinara, vodka,
Fra diavolo and Bolognese.
Buon Appetito! Or I should re-
ally say “Enjoy Your Meal!”
Boardwalk Pizzeria & Restau-
rant is located at 68-20 Rocka-
way Beach Blvd. Arverne NY.
11692 Telephone (347) 619-8002.
Eat in or take out. Hours of oper-
ation: Monday through Thurs-
day 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday &
Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and
Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Free
delivery from Breezy Point to In-
wood and Broad Channel.
Chicken Alla Vodka entrée and Calamari Vodka