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The Rockaway Times
11:30 Field 2,
Chuggernauts vs Old Head
Old Head are already talk-
ing like they are in the play-
offs but forgot seem to forget
that there is a game that still
has to be played. Chugger-
nauts season depends on
this matchup. Two wins can
better their chances of mak-
ing the post season and at
the same time knock out Old
BYE- Knights of Columbus
Their regular season is
over. Now they just sit back
and relax to see who they
will be playing in the first
round of the playoffs.
STANDINGS as of Week 8.
1. Morning Wood 12-2
2. Mudsharks
3. Moneyballs
4. KOC
5. Misfits
6. Old Head
7. No-Shows
8. Chuggernauts 5-9
9. Orioles
For up to date News, Sched-
ule and Standings please vis-
JBSL also check us out on
Instagram @jamaicabaysoft-
ballleague. Also the date for
the Monohan Tournament
has been set for September
10th. Start getting your teams
ready, any and all teams are
By The Commissioner
The league squared off
once again with Mother Na-
ture. There were plenty of
attempts of everyone trying
to get the games in. Playing
musical fields and even try-
ing to make a field but in the
end Mother Nature won like
she always does. All games
were cancelled being that it
is so late in the season, the
games will not be made up.
Everyone who was sched-
uled to play will end up with
a split.
Congrats to the Orioles,
with the split they pick up
their first win of the season.
Also with the splits, Morn-
ing Wood and the Mud-
sharks have clinched first
round byes. Have to wait un-
til next week to see who will
be 1 and 2, but those are the
teams who will have a week
off when the postseason be-
gins. The Moneyballs had a
shot at the 2 spot but their
chances ended when moth-
er nature didn't want to play
fair. They need at least one
win next week or else we can
see them fall to the 4th seed
in the playoffs. The Knights
of Columbus finished their
inaugural season with a
winning record and can fin-
ish no further then 4th but
can jump up to 3rd owning
a tie breaker over the Mon-
For the rest of the League,
it will be a interesting last
week. As of now, Misfits and
Old Head hold the last two
spots in the playoffs. The No-
Shows and Chuggernauts
only sit a game behind. It’s
pretty simple for the Mis-
fits and Old Head, win and
you’re in. For the Chuggers
and No-Shows it’s win and
get a little help from the rest
of the league. Last but not
least we have the Orioles.
They may not be the best
team in the league or in the
postseason but they defi-
nitely are the fans’ favorite
team. Even with the down
pouring rain, they pitched
up tents and hung out in the
parking, so kudos to them.
They will have the chance
to play spoiler next week.
Speaking of next week, this
is what we have in store for
the last regular season week
of our season.
9:30 Field 1, Mudsharks vs
This could be a possible
postseason matchup. This
is a big game for the Money-
balls who need to boost their
confidence heading into the
playoffs after playing poor-
ly the last few weeks. Mud-
sharks are still looking for
that top spot, but need to
sweep and get some help
from the Misfits. Moneyballs
can fall to 4th if they don’t
put one in the win column.
9:30 Field 2, Orioles vs
Orioles still have a chance
to finally get a real win and
play spoiler. No-Shows need
to win or else their season
will be done. They need
some help from other teams
as well but need to take care
of their own business first.
11:30 Field 1, Morning
Wood vs Misfits
Morning Wood can lock
up their second straight 1st
place regular season fin-
ish with a sweep over the
Misfits. Misfits on the other
hand need to win or their
season will most likely be
over. Misfits were one of the
top teams early in the sea-
son but fell apart and hav-
en't been able to get back.
Wood Sweep
Fran Browne
Volleyball Champs
Rainy weather didn’t stop
the 6th Annual Fran Browne
Volleyball Tournaments and
rain certainly couldn’t stop
this year’s champs, pictured
here. The annual event is on
the beach from 127th to Beach
Jamaica Bay
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