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The Rockaway Times
Riis Park is part of theRockaway
Renaissance. The Bazaar at Bay
9 has been a huge success and
now park officials are looking to
go even bigger. In the coming
months there will be Requests for
Proposals (RFPs) issued for the
historic bathhouse (which is four
buildings in total) and perhaps
the old Coast Guard station at Riis
Landing. These facilities scream
potential. No word yet on the
Neponsit Home.
Speaking of renaissance, the
bay is quietly becoming its own
destination. Bungalow Bar, The
Wharf,Thai Rock, and Bayview in
Broad Channel, are all booming.
Whitney Aycock ofWhit’s End has
opened a place in the marina at
Beach 72nd andThursby. You’ve
got paddle boarders, jet skis,
and even overnight lodging on
houseboats in the 59th Marina.
The bay’s on theway.
The annoying No U-turn at
the Post Office / Dunkin Donuts
intersection at Beach 113th and
Beach Channel Drive is staying
as is. The DOT completed an
investigation and said, a “survey
revealed a high volume of
pedestrians as well as vehicular
traffic at this location. Therefore,
no changes are recommended.”
Three police officers from
the 101 Precinct helped stage a
surprise marriage proposal last
week. The cops pulled over the
driver and his girlfriend and
ordered them from the car and
then told the male driver to open
the trunk. When he opened the
trunk out flew some balloons he
had stashed there knowing he’d
be pulled over. The driver then
got downonhis knee andpopped
the question to the surprised and
happy soon-to-be fiancé. Great
story that might have a bummer
ending. A PIX News report
claimed the NYPD said in an
officialstatement,"Thisincident is
being reviewed by the NYPD and
based on preliminary findings,
will be referred to the proper unit
for possible disciplinary action."
C’mon! Keep inmindcommunity
Mobi-mats have been installed
at Beach 142nd Street, bringing
great joy to a few people who
otherwise had no access to the
beach. Hats off to the Parks
Department for getting this done.
The Queens Tribune supports
reactivation of the old Rockaway
Branch Line. More and more
mainlanders in Queens are
realizing that transportation is
a critical issue for the borough.
Theywon’t support QRail todous
any favorsbut if they realize they’ll
benefit as well there just might
be a ray of hope. This is a real
boost for the advocates who’ve
championed the line for years.
New York Attorney General, Eric
Schneiderman has charged GEB
Pappalardo, a former director,
of altering engineering reports
that had been used to assess the
structural damage to properties
caused by Hurricane Sandy. It
was done so insurance payments
would be cut.
Corey Kilgannon of the other
Times, the New York Times, did
a fun series on The Silver Gull
BeachClub. It’s a tripback in time
and some locals get mentions.
The other Times sometimes does
some lazy and unfair reporting of
on themark.
Before bike riding and pe­
destrian warfare breaks out (at
least in letters to the editor) let’s
remember that Riis Park has no
bike lanes on its boardwalk and
things seem to work out just fine.
Be alert, considerate, and sensible.
are theywill remain so.
Thomas Brookins’ film, “Fire
& Water” about the connection
surf history, will be screened at
the Long Beach FilmFestival (179
East Park Avenue in Long Beach,
NY) at 1:15 p.m. onFriday, August
5. Tickets can be purchased at or the
theater for $12.