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The Rockaway Times
We live in Rockaway, so we
know what “binging” means,
right? It's that fabulous feeling
of starting out on a Friday night
and ending sometime Sunday
and wondering how we will top
the last 72 hours next weekend!
Packing in as much beach, re-
union, pool and family fun as
we can possibly handle into one
short span of time. (Editor's: Or
startingout onaWEDNESDAY…)
But that’s not what I am talking
about this time. No, I am talking
about watching TV. Yes, that’s
right, that type of “binging.” With
somany hot sunny days, beautiful
waves, sunsets and things going
on in Rockaway, I drew the cur-
tains, locked the doors and stayed
hiddeninmycave forawhile; and,
brought me back to some unbe-
lievably good shows that I hated
myself for watching but couldn’t
resist watching just one more ep-
isode. And no I am not talking
about either Presidential National
One of the wonders of modern
life is the ability to watch a show’s
entire series from show one ‘til
the end in one long sitting. The
On-Demand, Netflix, Amazon
Primeworldhasmade this a reali-
ty. Back in the day there were only
a few TV stations (2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11
and sometimes 13). And you had
to wait a whole week for the next
episode. Of course that made for
great water cooler conversation
about what might happen next
week. But today, youdon’t have to
wait await aweek. Just one click to
thenext episode, andpresto.
My first introduction to this
mode of watching TV was Net-
flix’s House of Cards; I was im-
mediately drawn to President
Frank Underwood (F.U. to close
friends). But I expandedmy bing-
ing to Homeland On Demand
and then discovered a plethora
of British shows on Netflix I had
never seen before. Foyle’s War,
Broadchurch, River all touched
a chord. Having devoured those
series I moved on to Bloodline,
HappyValley, Luther.OnAmazon
Prime I ammowing down Bosch.
Binging, I discovered from my
much younger brother is the way
that America watches TV. And I
do want to make America great
again, so I admit it, I binge. Albeit
not like the “old days”, but I guess
you can call this senior binging.
So if you have done the Open
Mic, gone toWhit’s for the steak or
got tired of the concessions non-
stop fun, I highly recommend
drawing the curtains, stocking up
on ice cream, soda and chips and
The good news about this bing-
ing is that you will not wake up
with an excruciating headache
and aching bones. Your eyes may
be a little sore, but youwill nowbe
enrichedwith exciting new stories
to tell friends at parties. Andwhen
you find fellowbingers youwill be
able to exchange shows you never
ing to be ashamed of! Staying on
the couch all day I believe is good
for the soul from time to time. We
all do it, so when you see a fellow
binger, simply give them the con-
spiratorial wink to let them know
you know what they know about
that last showyoubothwatched!
Aggie Batista
Rockaway Park, NY
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