Dollar stores vary in what they sell, but the general stock is basically the same. Here are 10 quick fixes that you can do with dollar store items.

1- Hide/coat a screw/nail

Before the screw rusts, put a coat of nail polish on it. That will seal it from the weather. You can match the color by using a colored nail polish.

2- Label things

Using colored nail polish is a good way to mark keys so that you don’t have to fumble through them. Dollar stores also carry a good supply of stick on labels.

3- Keep screws from coming loose

When you have a screw that keeps coming loose. Putting a little clear nail polish on the threads will help lock the screw in place.

4- Get organized

Most dollar stores carry wire or plastic baskets. These

 I am thrilled to say that this article (or a variation of it) is being read by people throughout the country. Seasons may have already changed for some, so keep these tips in mind for next season.

I have done articles on preparing your home for the winter. We should include preparing your plants too. I am covering a few of the basics. Add some online research and it will apply to most plants.

 Potted plants:

You may think it’s as simple as bringing them in for the winter, but there is more

With almost a month left of summer, who wants to think about the Fall?

The DIYers do….

I put together a list of 10 must do projects for The DIYers out there to prepare for the fall. These projects range on a skill level of one to 10 on The DIYer skill scale (with 10 being the most difficult) and should be on every homeowner’s To Do list, not just The DIYers.

I will be covering each of these projects in detail in future weekly articles.

Top 10 projects:

1 - Check and/or change fire

 No matter if you’re making ornaments, coasters, signs or a personalized gift, a wood burning kit can cost between ($25 and $35) (without specialty tips), and is a great way to add a personalized touch to most any smaller wood project.


Wood burning kits and supplies (including wood) can be found online or at most craft stores. Some of the best things to work with are sliced tree branches (for coasters), reclaimed wood (for signs) and project wood for other types of projects.

With almost a month left of Summer, who wants to think about fall? The DIYer’s do….

I will be covering each of these projects in detail in future weekly articles.

CONTINUED from last week's DIY column:

6 - Fix your screens. It won't.

It won’t be long before the weather cools down and you’ll want to shut off the A/C and open the windows. Now is the time to check those screens and repair them as needed. Just take your damaged screen to the local hardware store. Pick it up a week later and pop

Do you remember as a kid gluing popsicle sticks to make a jewelry box or for other craft projects? This week we're going to explore another chapter in working with popsicle sticks (also called craft sticks).

Popsicle Stick Bending

Popsicle stick bending/shaping isn't just for kids making bracelets, it’s great for art projects and a great learning experience for DIYer’s. The method used in bending popsicle sticks is similar to how you would bend wood for larger projects (but on a smaller

Each week I write an article for the DIYer’s. Most weeks they are geared towards larger projects. But there is a whole other group of DIYer’s out there, those that are focused primarily on small projects or hobbies.

There is a whole other line of tools for the hobbyist. This week I would like to tell you a little about them.

Hobby tools are tools that have a lot less power, smaller blades (on saws), etc, and are designed to only do the small projects. A good example would be a “Hobby miter

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