A Rockaway Carol

Boyleing Points

Originally written right after Sandy, this Christmas Carol might remind us how far we’ve come since 2012

‘Twas the night before

Christmas and all through the Rock

There were broken hearts

on every block

 Where only chimneys  remained,

no stockings were there

It was easy to fall to a
state of despair

 Where were the children,

were they snug in their

Or did visions of fire

dance in their heads

And me in my cap, a tear
in my eye

Was suddenly jostled

by a strange burly guy

 He said don’t you 


this is the beach

Happy days are coming

and all within reach

The place took a pounding,

of that there’s no doubt

But the last thing you do

is count us out


We don’t do it alone,
we pull as a team

He said as he jumped

onto a high standing

On Hipsters! Now 


Now Mormons! Now

On Graybeards and Vollies

and Rockaway Wish !


They help away, help away,

they help away all.

 This jolly old guy he was 

dressed all in green

The heartiest guy I had ever

 I hastened to say you’ve 

forgotten the best

You’ve neglected the bunch

who never did rest


He shot me a smile,
his dimples so merry

His cheeks were like roses,

his nose like a cherry


Then a huge white sleigh

came out of the sky

And carved on its sides was

He sprang to the sleigh ever
so quick

And finally I realized

it was Sanitation Saint Nick


Before I could say

you’ve done us so right

I heard him exclaim

as he flew out of sight

He said it once, then said it 


Rockaway Rises And Rises

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