Local Cab Woes

Dear Editor:

I love Rockaway, I truly do. I don’t even mind the hour-plus commute to the city because we get to come home to paradise. On the flip side, you can’t have paradise without fixing the issues, so I wanted to reach out in the hopes that honest discussion could help fix something that is broken in this community.

Rockaway cab companies are becoming more and more difficult to ride in. I understand there is pressure from Uber, etc., but in my mind, that should only make them strive to be better. When we call for cabs, we are greeted by a rude dispatcher, then, if the cab arrives when promised (50/50), you can count on a smoking driver, a dirty vehicle, or the worst….having to pick up two to three other passengers

By George, We Got It

Dear Editor:

Mention of the Hurricane Donna anniversary appreciated!

Richard C Berger.


More Groins, Please

Dear Editor:

I quickly browsed the revised ACOE plans for coastal protection in Rockaway that was released last week. I immediately found the section that detailed the plans for new groin / jetty installations, and was surprised to see that the original plan to have the groins end at Beach 121st Street had not been changed. Anyone who has been to the beaches

Dear Editor:

As a regular RT reader, it frustrates me to continually read the great ferry reviews and the wonderful increase in ridership especially on the weekends. Yes, it is a great ride and it’s great for Rockaway’s businesses and I’m all for it, but where the crowds go after the ride was not considered. These full-to-capacity vessels unload thousands of visitors who pour onto the closest beaches: 107th-108th-109th, causing, them to be overcrowded. What is unfortunate is that the beaches

Ferry Poor

Dear Editor:

On Friday, my family took the ferry to Manhattan. When they arrived back at Pier 11 for the ride home, there was at least 300 people ahead of them, so they missed two ferries and had to wait about 45 minutes before they finally got on board.

Unfortunately, the boat they boarded was the "new" one, the Jamaica Bay. The boat had no working air conditioning and no bar. It was unbearably hot even though the crew opened the front doors to allow the steamy air to pass

Curb Your Horse

Dear Editor:

I saw the story from National Park about “four-legged law enforcement” and how the horses are helpful and become part of the community.  The photo of the mounted police on the horses riding along the boardwalk looked great but the article did not state whether these animals wear diapers. They should!

Unfortunately, the boardwalk has its share of dog crap. The last thing we need is piles of horse poop.

Carol M.


Bald on the Beach

Dear Editor:

The month of

Ferry Weak Reply


Dear Editor:

 (Danny Ruscillo saw Peter Galvin’s letter to the editor in the 8-16 RT issue complaining about ferry service. Ruscillo, co-chair of the Community Board 14 Transportation Committee contacted the NYC Economic Development Corporation for a response.  He received the following):

Thanks for your patience. I hope you had a great weekend.

The Jamaica Bay (and Breezy Point) are vessels being chartered to supplement NYC Ferry service during peak season. As you know


Dear Editor:

I am an 88-year-young Rockawayite dealing with failing eyesight due to glaucoma. I had some urgent business to attend to last Thursday on Beach 116th Street with Mirkin Vision for new glasses, and banking with Chase. I had no one to accompany me, so I decided to go it alone on the Q35 bus and walk to my destination without having to cross any streets. After conducting my business, feeling a bit hungry, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch at the Belle Harbor

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