Dear Editor:

I am married to a NYC EMT... what does this mean for our family? I assume that you expect to hear tales of missed holidays, no sleep, long hours and thankless situations, and while all of this rings true, it's not the hardest part of my husband's career. The toughest part for him (and our family) is payday. Yes, payday because on that day, it's decision time. Do we pay rent or our other bills (because Lord knows there's not enough for both)? Do groceries have to wait a few days until I make some money, or can we shop? Heaven forbid we have an event coming up, a medical necessity, or unforeseen car trouble, as his income doesn't allow for the added bill of a car note, which would provide us with a reliable vehicle.

So you

Dear Editor:

My name is Mia Capasso and you published my work one week ago on January 2. I am one of the students in the Creative Writing Club at PS/MS114. Once I saw my creative writing teacher, Mrs. Diehl, walk into my writing classroom I was giddy, because I saw tucked into the crook of her arm, the latest edition of The Rockaway Times. She looked over at me with a grin. "You did it," she exclaimed, pulling me over towards a desk in the front of the room. She flipped hastily through the

A Hero Remembered

Dear Editor:

On December 23, we lost another Rockaway hero.

Those who knew him, knew him. Those who didn’t, will never know.

His braveness on the night of Superstorm Sandy, for he walked around like everything was dandy. I met Mike on the Q35 bus after the devastation, still in disbelief of what I went through. For months, I never knew that I was talking to a hero.

A man who loved life. He never said much about his battles, his strive. I learned through time what he did

Dear Editor:

Last month, the MTA released the long-awaited Rockaway Beach Branch reactivation study and the conclusions confirmed what we have known all along; it will benefit overall ridership and all Queens families. To put it plainly, restoring service on this right-of-way would cut commutes substantially between south Queens and Manhattan, improve mobility within our borough, and promote economic growth for the borough and the entire city. The results of the study demonstrate that this


 Dear Editor:

I can't understand what people are complaining about with the revised bus routes. This is obviously part of the MTA's plan to improve subway service. Under this plan:

1) All "C" trains will go to Lefferts Boulevard 2) All "A" trains will go to Far Rockaway; 3) The new "Z" trains will run from Rockaway Park past Aqueduct and onward north on the QueensRail's (the old Rockaway Beach Branch) tracks, turning west at the LIRR White Pot Junction and running on the LIRR tracks


Dear Editor:

I enjoyed your Jesus story (One Crazy Commute, 12/5/2019 issue).

The last two years of working for the city of New York, one of my bosses informed me I was being transferred from Queens to Manhattan, 34th Street.

So I took the A Train three of four mornings a week. A gravelly-voiced man would say, "Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m trying to get myself together. Anything you could spare would be appreciated. A quarter, a dime, a nickel, a penny.” He was African-American


Dear Editor:

Over the weekend (12/14-15), apparently someone tried to break into my car, leaving me with a broken driver’s side door handle, still usable ‘if’ you were careful opening and closing the door.

Yesterday (12/16), I needed to go to Stop & Shop, and drop off a package to UPS. Driving home, I see the UPS truck parked. I pull over, close my door and race to give him my package, leaving my car running. When I return and attempt to re-enter my car, the broken handle came off

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