Dear Editor:

The positions of the two candidates running to fill Eric Ulrich’s 32nd City Council seat could not be more different.

Are you happy with the jump in gun violence and deaths on our streets and the law and order breakdown currently in New York City? Then vote for Felicia Singh. She wants to defund the police.

Do you think Rockaway, Howard Beach, Ozone Park and Woodhaven need new local businesses of prostitution and neighborhood injection sites? Vote for Felicia Singh, because she wants to legalize prostitution and open up local injection sites. This would further enable the poor souls that are drug addicted to share their needles and continue to be enslaved by drugs. It is a tragedy and a heartbreak that so many people in

 Dear Editor:

Presently, the Army Corps wants to lay tons of concrete on our beach in their one stop solution to erosion/protection/maintenance; nature be damned. Why? 

Up until 1998, twice a year, Parks, in partnership with Sanitation, would maintain our beaches. In summer, workers from Parks and Sanitation pooled men and heavy machinery scaling the sand height from the back of our beaches down to the tide line following markings on measured bamboo poles they implanted. In autumn, sand

 Dear Editor:

Voters in the western half of Rockaway and the rest of District 32 have some soul searching to do before casting their ballots for city council on November 2. Chair of the Queens Republican Party, Joann Ariola, is running as the successor to her ‘good friend’ Councilman Eric Ulrich. Although the banners and signs you’ve likely seen all over the peninsula do not list her party, she has proclaimed herself the “commonsense candidate” and it is with the utmost sense of urgency that

Dear Editor –

I just read, former Chief of Transit, Joe Fox’s recent Letter to the Editor (10-7-21) regarding the importance of voting on November 2 and to VOTE for candidates who will turn our city around such as Joann Ariola (New York City Council District 32) and others like her.  I’d like to add that this election is especially important as there are five New York State constitutional amendments on the ballot.

Proposals 1, 3, and 4 deal with voting. BALLOT PROPOSALS: 1). AN AMENDMENT

 Dear Editor:

So, I just sat down with Kevin Boyle’s weekly rag - which I always love. However, in his weekly “Boiling Points” I must correct an assertion made, and it’s really kind of pathetic that I have to make this point: Mr. Boyle, the proper vernacular is The River Shannon!! NOT The Shannon River!! I ought to know and frankly, so should you!!  Haha!! Keep up the great work.

  Patrick Shannon

(Publisher's Note: You’ve ruined my day. PS: It’s Boyleing Points. So there.)

 Dear Editor,

In community meetings, I often hear that the beaches in Belle Harbor will be required to have eight crossover ramps after the new dune is built and that the number can be dropped to four if the ramps are connected. However, that is not what the law says. According to the ABA, the required number of access points for the disabled in Belle Harbor/Neponsit is two, not four or eight.

Federal guidelines require no more than one-half mile of shoreline between access points. Hence, we

Dear Editor:

Every four or two years, we face a campaign season full of name calling and false information. Though the candidates that appear on the ballot may be different, they usually represent an establishment that rejects change in every form. I know it is long past due that Rockaway gets the change in leadership that it so desperately deserves. This pandemic has created problems that we have never seen before and these problems deserve new answers, not the usual answers. Franklin

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