Dear Editor:

 As of today May 6, the day this letter is published, we have 22 full days until the start of the Memorial Day weekend and just 16 full working days. And Beach Channel Drive from Beach 116th Street to Beach 125th Street is a disaster. This road is the major east / west route through the Rockaways. Since it is down to one lane in each direction it has created a bottleneck, backing up traffic on it and other east west roads. It is also dangerous. Several times I have been driving Beach Channel Drive and had cars driving as if the road was two lanes in the same direction. Once, if I hadn’t braked and let a car in, there would have surely been an accident.

I ask City officials, when will this road be paved and traffic back to

 Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Rockaway Times for publishing three letters from two doctors and another well informed person to refute the previous weeks article. I, for one, could not express how biased and misleading Dr. Galvin’s opinion was but these contributions last week put it very well. We have enough misinformation out there to deal with. We are now entering a phase in the pandemic where we have to do what we can to encourage people to get vaccinated. We have already seen the

Dear Editor:

 Dr. Galvin has written several columns where he has allowed religion and politics to determine his medical opinions and judgments. Such unscientific thought misleads his readers. While I have often found his columns informative, I will do further research before believing any of his directives.

 Dr. Kitty Chen Dean

 Dear Editor:

I am writing about two letters in the 4/22 issue.

Dr. Peter Galvin's letter recounting the history of the covid vaccines. The only correct part of his letter appears at the end, urging people to get vaccinated. The rest of his history is pure nonsense. His statistics on the blood clot rate are completely wrong. If we assume that women make up 50% of those vaccinated, then there were eight cases among a population of four million (50% of 8 million doses). This is still a low

 Dr. Kitty Chen Dean and Dr. Richard Epro wrote objections to the perceived injection of politics into Dr. Galvin’s opinion piece. I would venture to say that they are either being too naïve or excessively modest about their own political leanings. Every doctor witnessing the profound changes in medicine over the past two decades has seen the overt and covert application of national politics to medical policy in everything from tort law reform (and the lack of it) to the insertion of a massive

I have appreciated Dr. Galvin's medical column in your paper. But when he expresses his views on topics with a political aspect, his usually clear insights seem to fail him. In his diatribe against Democratic party leaders and their early reluctance to endorse the Covid-19 vaccine, he forgets that at the time those statements were made, nobody knew much about the safety of any of the vaccines. I think he would agree that the safety of a drug is of paramount importance in the decision of whether

 Dear Editor:

I was part of the group participating in the Rockaway clean up on Saturday, picking up trash in the dune between the boardwalk and beach from 126th to 123rd. On Sunday, I walked past 123rd and there were empty Bud Light and White Claw cans thrown in the dune! Right next to the trash can! C’mon, it’s not that hard, cans in the can!

Paul Richter

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