Sincere Thanks


Dear Editor:

I was a long-time resident of Rockaway Beach, and have since moved to North Carolina. Much of my family and friends are still living in the Rockaways. I look forward to your online issues, it keeps me up-to-date on the goings-on of the Rockaways. I'm enjoying the articles and news stories. Even the advertisers are interesting! Rockaway Beach has sure grown a lot......and I enjoy reading about them. The regular features (especially the photos) bring back so many beautiful memories of my Rockaway life. May your success continue! Thank you for sharing this great "newspaper."

Bonita Rose,

Holly Springs, NC



From Doc to Doc


Dear Editor:

Dr.Galvin’s informative article on marijuana usage deserves

Fairy Godmother


Dear Editor:

Childhood should be magical. Full of dreams come true and wishes granted. Santa Claus should visit more than once a year, and every child should have his own personal fairy godmother. And while even you guys can’t deliver all of this, I want to thank you for so many magical Thursdays at P.S./M.S.114 over the past five years. I wish you could have shared the enchanted moments when my writing students discovered they’d been published in The Rockaway Times. You

Nice Addition

Dear Editor:

So glad to see that the publisher and editor are listening to their readers. Last year, I was disappointed that a famous Rockaway father, Kevin Boyle, was left out of the Father’s Day photos. I told them if I do not see KBs photo next year for Father’s Day, I will no longer "purchase" their paper!

 Kenny M


Repairs Need Fixing

Dear Editor:

This morning I rode my bike through Riis Park on the boardwalk, which has very dangerous due to broken concrete in dire

Solutions Not Shelters

Dear Editor:

Rockaway Solutions not Shelters is asking all of Rockaway to step up and please continue to donate money in order to pay our ongoing legal expenses. We must stop this shelter from opening on Beach 101st Street, and time is of the essence. According to a DHS representative speaking at a recent District 27 Community Education Council meeting, they are aiming at opening the shelter in September. We have retained lawyer Eric Palatnik P.C. to handle our legal

Sisterly Love


Dear Editor:

Congratulations to you and your staff!

During the last five years, we thoroughly enjoyed reading The Rockaway Times. Articles by Katie McFadden, Beth Hanning and Dr. Peter Galvin were tops!

You and your staff need to be commended for their superb work. May The Rockaway Times continue to flourish for many more years.

Many thanks. God bless you.

Sisters Pat Walsh, Paul Marita and Pat Chelius


Cheers to 5 Years


Dear Editor:

Years ago, at the start of my

Rollin’ on a Scooter

Dear Editor:

Like Tina said, I'm going to take the beginning of this letter and do it nice and easy, then I'm going to finish rough. Cuz I'm Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ now, Rollin’, Rollin’ on my scooter.

Welcome to Summer in Rockaway everyone!

I ride a silver Vino scooter. I am a licensed, registered and insured motor vehicle capable of highway speeds, which aren't needed anywhere on the peninsula. I may be behind or in front of you around town or at the light. I follow

Problematic Peninsula Plan

Dear Editor:

The re-zoning of the former Peninsula Hospital site is one of the most important issues facing the Rockaway community  and will be going before Community Board 14 in June, and many of the local politicians are hoping the community is not given all the details of the plan, misinformed or asleep at the wheel.

I have done a lot of research regarding this planned development, and have also written and spoken about how important this issue is to the future

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