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Dear Editor:

I would like to send a big thank you to Peter Mahon for his recent Between the Bridges article, Proceed at Your Own Risk. It’s the first pro-Trump article I have read in any local paper. Which begs the question, why?  

The campaigning is over.  I thought the mudslinging would end. In this world where everyone, no matter how different from ourselves, is to be embraced and accepted; where negative words are on the verge of being viewed as criminal, how is it then that so much hate is allowed (applauded even) to be spewed at our president-elect?  From TV newscasters, throughout print and social media (including the guy who writes Boyleing Points), bashing Trump continues to be perfectly acceptable.  Maybe it’s true what they say, “Haters gotta hate.”

Anyway Mr. Mahon, thanks again for speaking up for the weary 74 percent.  Beginning today yours is now officially my favorite column to read in the Rockaway Times!   God Bless America!

 Trudy Trotta



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