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A Better Idea

Dear Editor:

(THE IDEA GUYS by Chris Boyle Re: Amazon Box Return)…Amazon Prime has a program where you can fill their empty boxes with unwanted items (clothing, toys, shoes, linens etc.), and Amazon will give you a posted paid label that you can download and mail them to Goodwill. 'GiveBackBox.com' works well. I've used it. Love your column.

Maureen McDonald


Go Kingsmen!

Dear Editor:

(In reply to 3/9 Boyleing Points about the Nazareth High School ’77 Basketball Team reuinion). Kevin, I heard about your reunion and wished I could have been there to celebrate with everyone. Sitting next to your brother, Chris, at the Rose Hill gym is still fresh in my mind forty years later. What a nail-biter!! What a great game!! What a terrific team!! I was so glad to be there to shout, "Here we go Kingsmen, here we go!"

Dolores "Kavs" Ostrowski


Thumbs Up For Rock Pops

Dear Editor:

Thumbs up to Denise Baker's reply in the Rock Pops section of last week's issue. When asked "What businesses do you think your neighborhood needs?" She replied "a good indoor playground or facility for kids."

Rockaway doesn't have anything like that for kids and in a neighborhood where our winters are especially harsher than other areas that aren't close to the water, we need an indoor facility for kids of all ages to work off that energy during the winter months when parents are going crazy trying to keep them entertained in the house and refuse to have the television on all day.

I've said that very same thing to my husband all winter, as I would find myself driving my 20-month-old son all the way to Green Acres Mall just so that he can burn off some steam and get some form of exercise, but driving from Rockaway Park to Green Acres is such an inconvenience.

A facility like that on the peninsula with parking is just what Rockaway needs. Thanks for mentioning it Denise.

Melissa "Missy"



Dear Editor:

I've been here, on and off, since 1938, and yes, I was very young and now I'm not. I've lived here, full-time, since 1977. I appreciated your current article on Edgemere Farm, and I contributed to their Kickstarter.

Paul Charosh


Alternative Facts

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to tell you that there have been frequent measles outbreaks here in the U.S. because of lack of immunization, primarily due to medical ignorance as well as irresponsible parenting. In January 2017 there were at least 20 cases in Los Angeles alone.

So the "fact" that "measles has been eradicated" is not actually a fact unless it's a Trump alternative fact. Thank you for your consideration.

Janet P


Over the A

Dear Editor:

When are they going to get rid of the Shuttle and simply have an A train that continues from Rockaway Park into Manhattan? We lose 20 minutes each time waiting at Broad Channel. Really!!

Maya Karaca


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