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 Dear Editor:

I completely agree with Glenn Lawson in his letter about Rockaway being dumped upon.

Vancouver, among many cities world-wide, has a city planner. Neither political party here has heard of such a thing, obviously, as whatever capricious move the feds, the state or the city itself decides is fitting at the moment, happens! Take for example, the monstrous rest room lifeguard contraptions on the boardwalk and 115th,  the fits and starts of berms and, now, from the Feds, the proposed concrete walk running up our inner coastline and innovative berms, 'needed' like it or not.

A plausible solution?  Instead of voting in borough officers and city council members to the max, have the people select a Civic Planner from qualified candidates, as a final say or nay to these projects. 

What do you say?  Don't we deserve an advocate?  I, too, am tired of ugly displays of ineptitude we are henceforth forced to live with.

Maureen McNelis

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