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Dear Editor:

Every four or two years, we face a campaign season full of name calling and false information. Though the candidates that appear on the ballot may be different, they usually represent an establishment that rejects change in every form. I know it is long past due that Rockaway gets the change in leadership that it so desperately deserves. This pandemic has created problems that we have never seen before and these problems deserve new answers, not the usual answers. Franklin Roosevelt once said, “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Rockaway deserves transformational answers to our problems.

We are facing a climate threat that threatens every single person on our peninsula. If you take a walk on the boardwalk and go down to Beach 92nd, you will see the water reaching the ramp that goes down to the beach. How much longer until the water reaches over the boardwalk? How much longer until it's too late to act? A Regional Plan Association, City Lab report says by 2100 our peninsula will be underwater. This can result in 12,000 people in public housing displaced, 20% of our area's power generated capacity will be diminished, and 203,000 New Yorkers will be impacted overall. If you think because this won’t impact you in your life, you must think about the impact in the lives of your children and your future grandchildren.

This decision to protect our community from the climate threat comes in November. We must elect the candidate with a plan for resilience. We must elect Felicia Singh our next City Councilor. Felicia’s Plan will bring the community and city agencies together to govern and create an integrated climate and environmental resilience plan. When Felicia thinks climate, she thinks jobs. She wants to build new infrastructure and retrofit existing structures to protect Rockaway. This will require the creation of many new, good paying, union jobs. We must also center a just transition--ensuring that the communities that have been harmed the most by climate catastrophe are the first to benefit from our new economy.

To those of you who are still undecided on who to vote for, know this. Felicia Singh will fight with every muscle, with every bone, with every word to move Rockaway and District 32 forward. She is devoted to the fight of creating climate resilience and she will not stop until we get what we deserve. Let’s lead with courage and elect Felicia Singh our next representative on the city council.

Jonathan Lazo

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