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 Dear Editor:

The positions of the two candidates running to fill Eric Ulrich’s 32nd City Council seat could not be more different.

Are you happy with the jump in gun violence and deaths on our streets and the law and order breakdown currently in New York City? Then vote for Felicia Singh. She wants to defund the police.

Do you think Rockaway, Howard Beach, Ozone Park and Woodhaven need new local businesses of prostitution and neighborhood injection sites? Vote for Felicia Singh, because she wants to legalize prostitution and open up local injection sites. This would further enable the poor souls that are drug addicted to share their needles and continue to be enslaved by drugs. It is a tragedy and a heartbreak that so many people in our own community and throughout the city continue to die from overdoses. AIDS cases will also increase with encouraged needle drug use. Our society needs to help those addicted to drugs to get off them - not give them more ways to do it.

Do you think this is a good environment for people and families and our children to see and be in? Absolutely not!

And when our community’s quality of life disintegrates because the Democrat Socialists continue to raise your property taxes and continue the failed and miserable policies of our worst-mayor-ever Bill de Blasio, you can thank the radical and extreme policies promoted and pushed by our current Democrat Socialist politicians in the City Council.

Yes, it is common sense to support and vote for Joann Ariola for the 32nd City Council seat. Former Democrat Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder knows this, as he has wisely used his common sense to support Republican Joann Ariola.

Democrats and Republicans alike should all use their common sense on November 2nd and vote for Joann Ariola.

 Geri Haggerty

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