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 Dear Editor:


 Over the past few years, we have felt let down by the Big Entities running professional sports. Many fans have threatened BOYCOTTS but it has not materialized. I myself, fall into this category, and I'm sure many readers can relate to this. This Letter, will not get political, but it does seem that it has entered into some sports decisions. If you follow sports, I’m sure you have scratched your head a few times in the past few years. Regardless, we keep coming back, as we love sports and our children do also. Many of us have played, and coached. We have a need also to get away from work, and issues that affect our daily lives. The few hours watching our favorite teams, is a great getaway from our realities. For instance, even though our local teams were not in the World Series, the games were great and competitive.

There are not many things that could keep me up past midnight, but the games did. Go to work, take care of your families, and enjoy Sunday football. Thanks.

Bill Dickesheid

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