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 Dear Editor:

Richard Berger is so right about Memorial Circle. Seventy-five years ago this May, the Belle Harbor Garden Club established Memorial Circle to honor those local men who were killed in WWII. They obtained a local law to name the area “Memorial Circle,” and it is by that name that locals identify the area. On a whim, Parks Commissioner Henry Stern decided to rename the area “Veterans Circle” and replaced all the signs at the Circle with that name. On a number of occasions, the Friends of Memorial Circle have tried to get the signage changed. As Mr. Berger points out, a veteran is someone who has served in the military. A memorial commemorates those serving their country and died during wartime. We have been in touch with Parks Commissioners Donoghue and Dockett and hope as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary, the area will again be called Memorial Circle.

Maureen Walsh
Friends of Memorial Circle 


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