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With Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 14, we spoke to Rockaway's women about what Mother’s Day means to them and how they plan to celebrate this special day.

Our local ladies weigh in:



Daughter of Rhonda Hertling

Rockaway Park, NY

“Mother’s Day for my sister and I is special because every year, we celebrate our mother, who has been the one constant in our life throughout all the trials, tribulations and struggles we have fared both as a family and in our individual lives. Every year, we get this day to just celebrate her, and through simple gestures, show how thankful we are, our appreciation for everything she has done, and most importantly, commemorate her selfless dedication to us as our mom. My sister and I are taking our mom to Last Stop Gourmet Shop on Beach 116th Street for an early breakfast. Because we won’t have a car that day, we are just going to walk up the street to Last Stop. Our mother has a disability, and it’s hard for her to move around comfortably, especially far distances, so we chose to go nearby to make it easy, but fun and memorable for her. Last Stop is just more convenient. Unfortunately both my sister and I have to work after, but together we always make it a point every year to celebrate our mother, and show our sincere appreciation for all the sacrifices she made to gear and encourage us to be the hard-working and loving women we are today.”



Mother of Julia and Kacper Wroblewski

Rockaway Beach, NY

“Mother’s Day is a day in which all mothers are reminded that we are richly blessed. For me, it’s a day of jubilee in which I get to bask in the love of my children and husband in the loving and supportive Rockaway community. Mother’s Day is just a reminder of how it should be everyday. As mothers, we sacrifice so much by putting everyone else’s needs first. However, this is a day that mothers get to be celebrated, appreciated and loved even more by the ones we love the most. I can’t wait to see what my children and husband have planned for me. They said it’s a surprise. I am open to anything, even it is just simply a walk on the beach and cozy lunch or dinner after at home. As long as my children and husband are present with me, I will be content and happy. Especially due to everything we have gone through in the past few months with the apartment fire, I am just so blessed and content to spend this day having fun and building more memories with my family.”



Mother of May, Alberto Jr. & Felice & Grandmother of Egypt

Arverne, NY

“Mother’s Day is a day of reflection of how much we do as mothers to meet the needs of our family. We break our backs to maintain the home and make sure our children’s and spouses’ needs are met. It’s the one day that we get appreciated for everything — heartaches, good aches, everything we go through as mothers each day to make sure our families’ needs are met and even exceeded. This year, we are going to celebrate at home. Mother’s Day has been significantly different since my grandma passed away. So now, I just get to stay at home with my husband, children, with the exception of my oldest daughter, May, who is at university in Albany, and my precious granddaughter. I plan to do absolutely nothing. After cooking, cleaning and being a dance mom for 364 days of the year, I finally get this one day to relax, catered to and taken care of. I’m not even going to make our morning coffee, I expect it to be served. I just want one day to bask in the love of my family…lazing on the couch! It’s going to be a rainy day, so I am content to be home, spending time with my family.”



Mother of Jube & Giovanni

Rockaway Beach, NY

"What does Mother’s Day mean to me? Well, honestly my kids and husband make me so happy and proud every day, but it’s nice to have that one day to celebrate myself as a mom and my own mother. It’s a special day, but every day, I feel so grateful to have such a beautiful family and great life. So for me, on Mother’s day, I don’t expect anything over the top, but it’s nice to be reminded that I am appreciated as a mother and wife. Also, as a daughter, I feel blessed to have such a great mom. There’s five of us, so we always get together and celebrate Mother’s Day with her, which is great because the entire family gets to be under one roof to celebrate our mom. So, admittedly, I am a sucker for the holiday. I am hoping that my little guy, Giovanni will surprise me with something sweet, like serving me breakfast in bed, which will be so cute. Otherwise, our family, with the exception of Jube, who will be working, are going to New Jersey to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom."

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