Listening to your heart can often be difficult, but I have found if you give yourself time alone in a quiet space, you will hear a beautiful symphony that guides you on your journey. Sometimes there is pain in the heart when we lose a loved one or when we hear of sickness in a friend’s life or when our children grow up and move away. Taking some deep breaths and giving yourself time to absorb the changes in life may help to see and feel your heart’s space. There is so much love in our hearts for one another and we have such strong emotions from the heart space. The heart is an extraordinary organ. The beating of a heart is the first thing we hear and feel when we are pregnant with our babies.

Hearts can be broken when we break up with a

A friend of mine has had a very, very full year—illness in the family, complications with that illness, holiday hosting, accidents, family marriage proposals, wedding planning and all that goes along with that. It has been one emotional thing after another. I can’t imagine how she was keeping it all going. And she always has a smile, a kind word and is interested in how I am doing. I guess she was maybe reacting to something rather strongly one day, when her daughter said to her, “Is it a

Took an hourglass off the shelf today, turned it over and watched the passage of time for a while, then went about doing whatever I was doing. When I looked back, all of the sand had drizzled to the lower part and I thought: it is just like life passing by, before you know it, in whatever way, it ends. 

We each have a unique hourglass, and we live as if the sand will be a never-ending flow. But that is not the reality and once we realize that, we understand that it is what we make of life—what

As we spring ahead with more light of day, flowers starting to break through the soil, plans for various events that mark the end of the school year, what comes to mind is the excitement of new beginnings and moving forward.

“Life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance.”  - Albert Einstein. This is particularly meaningful to me because I have always thought about, talked about, read about, sought after, obtaining balance in my life. What this implies is that

Recently I witnessed a bartender listening, with a smile on his face, to several tirades of a guest, whose every other word was the F-word. Just the way he talked. And everything bothered him, obviously because he kept on using the word. This one said this and that one did that and on and on. The bartender listened, smiled, said a word or two and moved on. I asked the bartender why the guy talked like that and wasn’t he offended by his manner and language. The bartender said with a smile, “It

Change is inevitable but often we resist with the natural flow of life and choose to suffer when changes come our way. We strive to keep things the same, but the truth is the only thing that stays constant is change itself. Learning to flow in life with all the changes that happens can be critical in surviving without too much stress. Nothing stays the same, we are constantly evolving. There are losses and gains.
The pains of growing older are real for so many. The fear of sickness and loss of

To be grateful is a gift we give ourselves each day when we open our eyes and acknowledge this moment is precious. There are days that are dark and dreary for many people and I send you my heartfelt prayers. It can be difficult to find a grateful heart when you are suffering, but know that you are not alone. Unfortunately, suffering is part of life and the more we accept and become present with what is going on, we begin to become the witness and don’t feel so lost.

Here is my grateful list

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