Be Well Be Happy

So many words come to my mind as I think of our past year and the upcoming 2021! Adaptability is at the top of my list. Being able to flow with the changes. Resilience, patience, compassion and love are significant words that have become our mantra.

Grateful is an emotion that overcomes me as I write my column. I am grateful for my family, friends and Ocean Bliss Yoga community. There has been a huge disconnect in human connection and I feel blessed that my business partner, Paulette, and I had the persistence to set up virtual yoga for our studio. Never in a million years did we think we would set up a livestream so our community could be together. The students have supported us from day one and we thank you. One day we will all be together, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart and prove to be stronger than ever. For now, we must be patient and support one another in this difficult journey. 

January is a time for resolution and starting fresh. It is a time to reflect on the past year, let it go and move forward with good health and positive intentions. Perhaps letting go of our limited beliefs that we just can’t do this anymore or we are not enough.

What can you do to feel better in 2021? Moving slowly and carefully into 2021, we must continue to be diligent in protecting ourselves from the virus. The vaccine is here and I for one will volunteer to take it if it means protecting those with a compromised immune system and allowing everyone to live freely. I miss hugging people and laughing together, face to face. The human being is not meant to be behind a screen communicating with one another. While it has been a life saver, it cannot replace the intimate connection of human interaction.

My intentions for a new year are almost always the same. Clean living, be kind, help those who need my services and be content. This year, I am trying to be present and listen more.  Judge less, forgive all and be compassionate to everyone I meet. The body always needs be cleaned of toxins but maybe the mind needs to be cleared as well. Empty the stories I have been telling myself since I was young.  Rewrite the story starting with, I am enough and I have this one life to live. ONE.

For those of you who are alone, reach out to someone for company, it’s really important to have this human contact. If there is anything we have learned is that we all need one another. Reach out to someone who is lonely and depressed.  Simply be with them and listen. Your presence can be powerful beyond words. 

“Love is based on our capacity to trust in a reality beyond fear, to trust a timeless truth bigger than all our difficulties. Sometimes love means standing firm. Sometimes love means letting go. Sometimes love means letting be. Love blossoms whenever we step beyond our fears and rest in the generosity of the heart.” - Jack Kornfield.

My wish for you is to be generous in spirit, love and compassion. We are all inter-connected. May you be healthy, happy and free of suffering.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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