Be Well Be Happy

The most amazing thing about life is love. In all of its forms, shapes, intensities and colors.  The symbol of love is the heart shape and contained within this is compassion, gratitude, generosity and forgiveness. Compassion: acting in genuine concern for others, Gratitude: acknowledging blessings, showing appreciation and kindness. Generosity: giving on a grand scale in a quiet way. Forgiveness: freeing oneself of dissatisfactions and resentments and shifting to overcome

These are tall orders but in my experience definitely able to bring about.  Having the intention to be compassionate, to be grateful, to be generous and to be forgiving, is a first step.  The energy required to see the light and to make subtle changes just follows. The big realization is the intention towards love. “I want to be compassionate.  I want to feel and know what it is to be compassionate and do so on a daily basis all the days of my life.” Once that intention is heart-felt, I can guarantee that it will manifest at some point in time.  Remembering that things don’t happen in the time we want or think they should happen!

These powers of love and intentions of love are so strong and can change negativities in a big way.  There just must be focused attention and intention from the heart.  In the face of adversity, place the attention in an intention for love, peace and joy.  Imagine the outcome.  We cannot ignore that there are issues that come up with those close in our lives that may seem to compromise the presence of love; these are temporary if we know with our hearts that the attention and intention will prevail. 

The mind can also help with this process of living in a loving heart with a little shift of attitude.  Thinking hard on shifting negatives to positives, however far-fetched it may seem, and then giving some time and space to let the inner workings shift and change.  The key for me personally here is to give some time and space rather than keeping the thoughts on what is wrong.  Having an intention in the mind to make a shift and then letting it go for a bit focusing on other things and letting the shift happen seemingly on its own.  The inner workings at work.  

The attention and intention in the heart space and the focus on mind positivity unite together in the body to be the ground from which love can grow.  The power of love - compassion, gratitude, generosity and forgiveness - is a force of vigor and strength that can overcome any adversity, suffering or sorrow.  It is within each of us and connecting to others from that powerful place will bring joy into your life.   Find the way to compassion and ease with a smile to the love within your heart. 

Celebrate all the love in your life! 

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace. 

(This is a reprint of a column originally published February 11, 2018)

 By Paulette Mancuga 

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