Be Well Be Happy

On a recent Monday, a friend went into her handbag for her wallet and it was not there.  The last time she used it was on the previous Saturday in a store in the Erskine Street complex.   She called the store she was in and went about putting holds on her credit cards.  On Tuesday in her mailbox was a package from a woman in Brooklyn with her wallet intact. What a wonderful woman! She could have left it. She could have taken it.  She could have turned it in  and washed her hands of it.  But she took the time to go to the post office and mail it.  She wanted it to get back into the owner’s hands.  Maybe she thought about the reverse situation and what would be a great outcome for her.  (I think that is a good thought process for when we are faced with something for which we need to take action, putting ourselves in the other’s shoes is a sure way of understanding and feeling a situation.)  Maybe the woman had a kindness shared with her and she wanted to do something good for someone else.  In any event, she spent the time to get it back into my friend’s hands. I know when we really want to do something, we find the time, no matter how busy we are.

The package had a return address so my friend sent her a note along with a gift card.  And knowing this friend, I’m sure she also shared some kindness with someone else - paying it forward.  Paying it forward creates a chain of endless kindnesses.  Little pings of good feelings and light that often come out of nowhere - unexpected, welcome and heartwarming. Imagine the interconnectedness of this phenomenon. Imagine seeing the kindnesses linked by a chain of light all through our community, our city, our nation.  The next time someone does something kind for you or says something kind to you, seize that moment and take the time to pay it forward. 

Happy Spring!  This is a special one:  coming through the last year, this week marking the beginning of the mayhem last year.  Tending to one of the plants in the yoga studio that was losing some lower leaves and shooting up new growth at the top, I am reminded that we must let go of what is no longer nourishing and make way for newness and beginning.  The onset of spring is a good time to contemplate this as we will soon see seeds sprouting and flowers blooming.  Becoming aware of what we no longer need, being aware of the emotions that maybe rose up during this past year and letting them go.  It is a beautiful time of change in nature’s cycle and it can be a beautiful time of change for us.  What newness do you want to sprout?

May you be happy.  May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace.

By Paulette Mancuga 


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