Become A Listener

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During the month of March, I decided to create a space of equanimity in my life by balancing how I listen and speak. Many of you may have created a sacred space in your homes to pray, listen, meditate and move. Some have a space between your bed and dresser but you made it work during these past months of confinement. I have never really mastered the art of conscious listening until recently. I am still a beginner but I am learning to tune into the sounds and people around me. The profound essence of being quiet.

The art of deep listening is a skill. For some it comes naturally and yet for others we need to train our ears to listen and our tongues to silence. How do we cultivate the capacity to listen to one another without judging or interrupting the person speaking? Imagine a world where you truly held space for one another, cultivating the ability to be quiet without having to voice your opinions. When you become attentive to each person you meet, you will begin to develop sincere listening skills. Are you ok with the uncomfortable silence when there is nothing to say or do you feel the need to fill the gap with words and thoughts?

Some people are naturally quiet and able to listen without an agenda. When they are present for you and are not thinking about what they want to say when you finish speaking. They are open and thoughtful. It is a rare quality and profound. You will find these people to be trustworthy and authentic.

When you encounter deep silence, sound, and space around your body, you may become more receptive to the sounds you hear around and within you. Begin to listen with your whole awareness, embodying your entire environment. You will find peace and perhaps a sense of the mysterious sacred within. To be at home with yourself is a beautiful gift.  

How many people do you know in your life who are really good listeners?  Are they present, interested, honoring, understanding, never interrupting, quiet, authentic, and have unconditional presence? The first step to becoming a good listener is be alone with yourself and try to listen inwardly.  Be a friend to yourself and then you can be present for your friend, spouse, neighbor or stranger.

When I go to church it is my sanctuary of quiet and thought. The priest speaks so eloquently, full of compassion and wisdom, always providing a place of refuge. They teach us how to be courageous during these difficult times, encouraging us to do good deeds and be of service in our community. I am grateful for this one hour of divine grace giving me hope and faith. My wish is for you to have someone who listens and gives you their undivided attention. Become a good listener and one day someone will listen to you.

May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be free of suffering and may you live with ease. Take time to listen to the birds, the ocean, the wind and all the beautiful sounds around you. We are here to live our lives fully.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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