Time to Renew

Be Well Be Happy

As we slowly roll forward into the spring, we are inspired to renew our bodies and spirits. Clean living leads to positive energy and overall better health. From what I understand, many people developed some bad habits during the pandemic. So perhaps you could decide to change some of the things that truly do not serve you. Over-eating, over-drinking, lack of sleep, fear-based thoughts are all detrimental to your well-being. Making conscious decisions to develop good habits will come with time and discipline. Let the fun begin as you embark on the journey to better health.  

Food is medicine. Healthy choices of fruits and vegetables are nourishing for your body. With good food you will begin to have positive energy and feel lighter. Our internal system loves clean food. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Look at ingredients to see how much sugar is added. You will be surprised at some of the foods containing too much sugar. Be aware of your caffeine intake. How do you feel when you wake up? Rested or exhausted? Experience has taught me if I want more vitality in my life then changing what I eat and drink will give me renewed energy. 

Alcohol can wreak havoc in your body and mind. Sleep will more than likely be interrupted. The brain will be foggy and lethargic. Physically, you will be less motivated to exercise and eat healthy. We know how important the brain is to our emotional and physical state of being. Meditation helps to clear the pathways so we can become more aware of what we are doing. Whenever I close my eyes, focus on my breath and feel for sensations within, I become mindful of my inner world. Returning to the outer world, I am able to make better decisions for myself. We are similar to the earth who loves clean water, fresh air and good food. 

Breath work helps to clear the mind and connect to your essence. We are born with a certain amount of breaths. Why waste even a moment that is not serving you? The quality of breathing can help to alleviate many aliments. If breathing is not easily accessible to you, then you can focus on a mantra or beautiful sounds of the birds. I have worked with students who have trouble with the breath so we approach the practice of calming the nervous system by bringing awareness through another sense. Be open and you will receive the benefits of this simple practice called mindfulness. It is truly the gateway to living with ease.

Fear causes separation from the world. Showing up for life is what we were meant to do. Find your courage to live your life fully. Choose love over fear. When you wake up, be grateful for the gift of the day. Another day to start fresh with good intentions. Today my intention was to be compassionate to all I meet. Everyone is fighting a battle and we could all use some kindness.  Small acts of kindness go a long way.

May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy and may you live with ease.

By Helen Kilgallen

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