Finding Your Joy

Be Well Be Happy

Last weekend I had the pleasure and delight of attending a very good friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was at the Liberty State Park overlooking our beautiful NYC skyline. The room was spectacular with glass windows surrounding the space. A stunning rooftop patio with a panoramic view of our lovely city. The guests danced the entire night and celebrated with such joy and laughter. It is always special to see two people in love who promise to be loyal, patient and support one another in the journey of life where there will be bumpy roads along the way.

Upon arriving home, I went to my bookshelf and pulled out The Book of Joy, one of my favorites, an uplifting book about the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.  Such an inspiring book about their sufferings and how they still remain happy and content during times of unrest.  Their playfulness and light heartedness are one of their traits that helped them walk the path of life with joy and ease. In the book, they wish to spread the message of kindness and affection as their source of joy and happiness. “The ultimate source of happiness is within ourselves.” The best way to fulfill your wishes, to reach your goals, is to help others. To flourish in community, is to live from our hearts sharing our gifts.  Powerful words from two men who gave so much of themselves in a world that had an enormous amount of misery.

Life is not so easy. If you are feeling stuck and sad during this month of September, you are not alone. I searched my heart for what I could write about this month when I knew there was so much suffering. I see you, I got you, I hope you find forgiveness in a world that is broken. May you know there is no one who can take your joy away unless you give it to them. Start this September with renewed, positive energy as if you were newly married, madly in love with life and promise to support yourself and others.

“Whatever life gives to you, you can respond with joy. Joy is happiness that does not depend on what happens. It is a grateful response to the opportunity that life offers you at this moment.” ~ Brother Steindl-Rast.  

My heart always feels gratitude for the gift of life. No regrets, no grudges, no hard feelings. Only forgiveness will set you free. May you all feel love in your life and offer your peace to offers. My experience is when you give of yourself without any expectations you will always feel joy and contentment. May you find the blessings in your life. Follow your bliss and stay true to yourself. Peace to all.

By Helen Kilgallen

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