Be Well Be Happy

I often refer to meditation as “sitting with oneself.” There is nothing to achieve. There is no time that you have to sit. Meditation timers are there just to train us to sit. After a while, you don’t need a timer. After a while, you just want to sit to recreate the equilibrium in the body, mind, spirit connection. So, if you’re put off by the word “meditation” for whatever reason, think of it in this way - settling into yourself and allowing yourself to be aware of the subtle sensations of your body, allowing yourself to be aware of your thoughts, allowing yourself to be aware of your emotions. That’s the first part of it. 

I’ve heard many people say that they can’t meditate, they can’t stop their minds, etc.  Know that meditation has nothing to do with stopping the mind! But, as you sit with yourself more and more, a quiet will rise up within you and envelop you, much like the quiet we sense, feel at this time of year in Rockaway. Summer hype is over, energy of our piece of earth is settling down and preparing for the winter rest. If you sit out near the ocean, you will be amazed at the peace!  Now might be a good time to try and get a “sitting with yourself” thing going. It is a profound awakening to a deeper self-awareness. Answers to issues/problems in your life will come to the top of your mind. Maybe you will stop before reacting impatiently. You will not come from a surface place; you will come from a deeper place in you. You will experience a shift. 

Your experience will be yours alone. Some people like to establish daily time and that’s great - it all depends on what’s happening in life. The issue with that, though, is when things sometimes come in the way of that, you may fall off from getting back. If you can accept that there may be days when it may not be possible to sit at that time, it will be ok. I like it a little more fluid, just as I like for my daily yoga practice and other things. Point here is to see what could work for you. What kind of person are you in this area? Do you like to schedule things like this and your fitness regimen or yoga practice or whatever it is you do? If so, give it a try this way, but allow the days when you have to leave early to take someone somewhere, or whatever arises, to be. Maybe you sit later on, maybe not that day. 

Over a period of time, whether it is regimented to every single day for a certain number of minutes or frequently when you can, you will feel a shift. You will begin to rely on you and your inner-ness, rather than the out there. And with that you will feel comfort and maybe some joy of making that inner connection. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

By Paulette Mancuso

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