Inner Wisdom

Be Well Be Happy

Learning to tap into your own inner wisdom is a lifelong journey but when the well springs open, you will find your purpose/calling. Follow your heart, it will not fail you. Life is full of trials and errors, try not to get discouraged when your path changes. Everything happens for a reason. It is through our daily struggles where we become stronger and resilient. To be alive is to feel one another’s pain and remain grounded.

Use your wisdom to know what is best for you. Not your parents, society, etc. This is your life, do what makes you happy. One day you will look back and say, YES, I listened to my heart and that has made all the difference. There are times when we feel restricted to speak our truth because it is not popular. Every person should be able to voice their opinion on what is right for them and what is not. It has taken me a lifetime to know how I want to live my life. So many obstacles will be put on your path as you navigate life moving forward. We are human so we will always be imperfect. Accept, forgive and love.

Yoga is the vehicle to help you trust yourself. It is a practice that connects one to your true self. This practice is so much more than just moving the body. It is breathing, chanting, listening, connecting and becoming more in-tuned to your inner wisdom. Yoga makes you feel whole, grounded, calm and kinder. Bringing this ancient practice to others is a gift. We honor who you are and respect every part of you. There is never judgement in yoga and we are here to learn from one another.

Listening to the wisdom of your heart will lead you to an authentic life. Not everyone will agree with your decisions but they will be yours to decide not theirs. Satya means truth in Sanskrit. Being true to yourself is knowing who you are and what you want. You are not swayed by others but rather feel deep in your bones what you believe in. Living your truth will not always be an easy road. Changes will happen and you will learn this is the one constant that you can always count on.

Connecting to a yoga community means the world to so many. It is a place to go where there is support. When things fall apart in your life, our community is there to help you. People are kind and politics are left outside the door. We come to refill our empty vessels and leave feeling whole and healthy in mind, body and spirit. The energy is powerful and healing. I have witnessed transformations in students who are now more grounded, calmer, stronger and flexible.

One of our students said, “it means so much to me to be connected to a yoga community.” Yes, it means everything to us to be connected to you.  Thank you for your support and dedication. 

May you be free from physical pain, May you be free from psychological holding, May you be free from emotional suffering,

May you be spiritually free.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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