Praying For Peace

Be Well Be Happy

We are praying every day for peace. Our hearts are broken and for many it is hard to remain positive when Ukraine is getting crushed. We are donating to relief groups and hoping this will help alleviate the pain and help those who have managed to survive this horrific war.  Compassion and empathy are overflowing from all over the world. We are at a loss of words.  Becoming the witness to this brutal and tragic invasion of Ukraine is difficult to comprehend. When does the killing stop? The Ukrainian people have proven to be strong and courageous despite the unspeakable aggression and disregard for democracy. Their leader, Zelensky is fearless and loyal to his country. He will not give up. His response when asked if wanted to be evacuated, “I need ammo, not a ride,” speaks of a strong leader.

 My family and many others have dedicated their lives as civil servants, helping those in need and protecting people under attack. It is hard to understand the barbaric invasion of Ukraine but incredible to witness the entire country coming together to fight for their country. They are united and willing to sacrifice everything to fight off the enemy. It is unthinkable that Putin could be so heartless and calculating. So many prayers for peace and support. Humanity will persevere and the basic goodness within the human beings will win this terrible war. I go to bed praying, I wake up praying and throughout the day I pray, pray, pray for someone to intervene and stop this tyrant. No one is safe until he is stopped. How can this be happening in 2022?

War is never the answer, but we must defend our rights to live in a safe, free world. There is so much to be grateful for in the United States and yet we are all so divided. Perhaps this terrible attack on Ukraine will teach us to have more respect and humility for the USA and all that it represents. We are the country that goes above and beyond when human rights are violated. America is a great country and we need to bring back the pride and joy of living in a democratic country. The Democrats loathe the Republican party and the Republicans despise the Democratic party. So much division makes us looks like we are ungrateful and spoiled. Can we change directions and align with one another so the world looks at us once again for who we are? I think now is the time to unite and do the right thing. Work together to bring peace to this world. Can we change history and stop the violence with an overflow of support?  I beg you to do what is right and help Ukraine win back their country.

“As we move through this beautiful and troubled world, may we vow to be a beacon of peace, a fearless carrier of respect and lovingkindness for all life, a teller of truth, a voice for justice, a protector of those who are vulnerable or targeted. May the power of wisdom, integrity and compassion be our guide.”

 By Helen Kilgallen

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