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Be Well Be Happy

This column is taken from my dear colleague and friend, Jodi Heywood, who is a helper in our community. Many of you may already know Jodi from all her volunteer work in our community. She is also a meditation guide and has led workshops at Ocean Bliss Yoga for self -care and meditation. These are Jodi’s words on a special movie, Mission Joy, finding joy in difficult times. I am grateful to have her as a friend and neighbor. Thank you, Jodi!

“Grateful for joy! Last night’s screening of the movie “Mission Joy” left me with so many good feelings and takeaways on how to create more joy in my life. Simple stuff, but so profound. So thankful for those who joined in and shared the beautiful moments that this movie brought! The friendship of these two icons, Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu, was so heartwarming and special. The most profound standouts for me were (and these are just a few of the many):

-Humans are meant for connection. Cherish friendships and seek out opportunities to connect with others, even those we don’t know. We can only be humans together.

-Giving to others is how we heal ourselves.

-Cultivating compassion for other is how we heal our own pain- because we all share the same sorrow and difficulties, sharing and healing together is how we move forward and find joy.

-Reframing is the name of the game! Seeing our challenges as opportunities for growth or change and being in the present moment helps us heal, and live a life of joy and purpose.

-The importance and power of forgiveness will heal and help us move forward allowing in joy.

-Meditation, Meditation, Mediation. Staying present, releasing the past, worries of the future and understanding our thoughts will have a profound impact on our wellness (proven by sciences and studies!!)

-Laughter is critical! Humility and not taking ourselves too seriously. Allowing ourselves to laugh and see the lightness in the world and people around us. We are here to experience happiness and joy!”

All this and so much more in the movie screening of two spiritual leaders who had many challenges and yet made us laugh, cry and feel good. When there is laughter and fun, it helps us to soften us. We let go of our armor and begin to connect to our human nature. Basic human nature is goodness. We are wired to be compassionate. We can use our suffering to move towards a kinder and better world. Often through our losses we find acceptance and appreciation for this precious moment.

Thank you, Jodi Heywood, for once again bringing your services to our community. We look forward to Jodi’s future workshops at Ocean Bliss Yoga. Jodi is a giver, helper and makes you feel good.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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