Fall Leads To Insight

Be Well Be Happy

The best laid plans often go astray and along the way we are forced to adjust accordingly. I know many of you have had to change plans in the last few years. As I write this column, I am recovering from a bad fall due to a basement flood where my husband and I were cleaning up a flowing river. I slipped on the tile floor and broke my left wrist in a few places. Thankfully, I didn’t hit my head. All I could think of were the victims of the Ukraine War. How do they survive without the necessary medical supplies? A broken wrist is so minor compared to what so many others are enduring. My prayers and thoughts are with those who are without support.

Healing begins with pausing. Accepting where you are and surrendering into the process. Letting go of the big EGO. Asking for help when you need it and moving forward with grace. Perhaps you know of someone who is in need of help but is too proud to accept assistance. What could you do to make their life easier? Maybe it’s a prayer, card, or a simple gesture of kindness. I have found to be in service is well received and welcomed when one is broken. My intention is be in service to those less mobile than myself. This injury is already serving me well.

My first reaction when I fell was two things—I will not be able to do my yoga practice and I will miss Orangetheory! Two practices in my life that make we feel flexible and strong. Then the pain overtook my simple thoughts and I began to breathe, sit and acknowledge this too shall past. Injuries help you to understand others who are compromised in body and spirit.  There is a lesson in every obstacle. Being a super mobile person, this is teaching me empathy and compassion for those who are limited. Many of our students come to yoga with injuries and we always offer modifications. The truth is when you have an injury, you must rest, change how you do things and but never give up. 

Time heals all but the wound always leaves an imprint. When we lose a loved one, time will help but the truth is healing comes when you care for yourself. No one or anything can heal you but rather it must come from the individual doing the work from the inside, out. We have extraordinary tools to promote restoration. Patience and faith are two powerful healing words that inspire us to go slow and pray. Pray for those less fortunate than yourselves and you will begin to heal. Have patience with the process and make changes when necssary. Say yes to the people who want to help you. Don’t look back and say, what if I did this different? 

blessings, blessings - -rosemerry wahtola trommer

“Believing it matters, today I bless all that seems unable to grow. I bless the stems of larkspur broken in yesterday’s storm. I bless the broken. Bless those in pain. Bless all who feel as if they are drowningin the ache of aloneness and betrayal. I have felt the wide blessing of sky, cold blessing of rain, green blessing of field, I have felt the dark, sharp blessing of loss. How it’s changed me.  For all I cannot fix, I bless it. For all I cannot hold, cannot heal, cannot mend, blessings, blessings, impossible blessings, tender blessings, blessings mighty as wildfire, blessings as gentle as tears.”

 By Helen Kilgallen

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