A Community of Broken Hearts

Be Well Be Happy

Our heart and prayers will always be with Dee Dee, Pat Klein and their beautiful family. We cannot even begin to imagine your pain and nothing will ease the loss of Timmy who was called upon way too early. Your loss was felt throughout the entire city and country but here in the Rockaways time stood still and we fell apart hearing the terrible news. We grieve with you and pray you will lean onto us as we are here to support and hold space for you. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to ease your pain.

My intention in this column is to give you hope and the strength to move forward slowly knowing that Timmy was an amazing human being who gave the ultimate sacrifice trying to save another person.  There is no greater service than to lay down one’s life for another. To be kind and courageous is a rare trait that Timmy possessed and something we strived to instill in our children. Your son was a hero and so proud to be a firefighter. I believe God had bigger plans for Timmy and he is now your guardian angel. Your hearts will always feel the hole but I pray your girls and family will surround you with their love and presence. You will never lose the wonderful memories of the past 31 years and Timmy will always be remembered as the best of the best.

Mother’s Day will be a difficult day and all you can is hold space for your feelings, however your grief manifests, just feel it fully and be compassionate to yourself. Grief comes in many forms. Please know your community and family are here for you. Reach out and let us know when you need a hug or friend to listen to without offering advice. The truth is no one walks in your shoes. We will do our best to comfort your family in any way possible.

            Dee Dee, you are an extraordinary woman who walks the walk. You and Pat raised incredible human beings who are kind, funny, compassionate and hard working. I am so very sorry you had to suffer this unbearable loss. You have been so very brave and strong. Thank you for opening up your heart as you gave the most beautiful, powerful eulogy for Timmy.  We are inspired to be better people because of how Timmy lived his life.  He will always be with you and I am so honored to know you throughout the years of our children playing sports. May you know your entire family is loved and respected by all in our community. Godspeed Timmy.

“May The Road Rise to Meet You, May the Wind be Always at Your Back, May the Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face, May the Rain Fall Soft Upon Your Fields, And Until We Meet Again May God Hold You in the Palm of His Hands.”

By Helen Kilgallen

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