Yeasts, aka fungi, can infect people, and one of the common types of yeast is called Candida. This species of yeast causes mostly skin infections, especially in moist areas of the body where there is skin-to-skin contact, like the armpits and groin. These skin infections are more common in those with impaired immune systems, for example diabetics, but can usually be successfully treated with topical creams and lotions. Rarely, yeasts may cause systemic (bloodstream) infections in severely ill, hospitalized patients. These infections are much more resistant to treatment and often may cause septic shock and death. Many genetically unrelated forms of yeasts emerge worldwide for reasons that are as yet unknown. It is thought that the use of

If you are a reader of this column, then you know that I have written previously about the healthy effects of the Mediterranean diet. This diet, initially thought to be a fad diet when first introduced in the 1970s, is a healthy way to live and eat, especially when combined with moderate exercise and weight control. The main staple of the diet is olive oil, although most people who live in the Mediterranean basin use olive oil on salads and cook with lard and butter. The other ingredients of

TheĀ  use of insect repellents is strongly recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prevent infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks. Insect repellents applied to exposed skin or clothing should be used together with long pants and shirt sleeves, plus avoidance of outdoor activities during peak mosquito-biting times. Mosquitoes can transmit Zika, chikungunya, dengue, West Nile, Eastern equine encephalitis

It is possible that you may be as in the dark as I was about the many legitimate products derived from the marijuana plant, specifically Cannabis sativa. I knew little about these products until I read a review article on them that was published a few months ago. As you know, this country is in the midst of an opioid use epidemic, which has taken a great toll on our society in the last few years. Therefore, the medical community has been looking for alternate treatments for chronic pain

As anyone who has had shingles knows, it is a painful and often debilitating infection that may last for weeks or months. A particularly troubling type of this infection is herpes zoster ophthalmicus (HZO), or shingles of the eye. It may lead to serious eye problems including blindness and is considered an ophthalmologic emergency. Researchers have been concerned about the rising incidence of shingles and HZO. HZO increased from 10 cases per 100,000 population in 2004 to 30 cases per 100,000 in

Cholesterol is made by the liver, predominantly in the evening hours of the day. Statins (Crestor, Lipitor, etc.) are one of the most widely prescribed medications in the world and are used to lower cholesterol levels. However, their use in patients is often inappropriate because these medications have some unique properties not seen in other pharmaceuticals. Today, I would like to discuss some misconceptions about statins.

Statins work in the liver to reduce cholesterol levels. They inhibit

An unhealthy diet is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases globally, including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer. In the U.S, poor diet was estimated to be the leading cause of death and the third leading cause of disability-adjusted life-years lost. As a result, evaluating the overall trends in diet is important to identifying challenges and opportunities for improving the diet of all U.S. adults. The calorie needs of the human body are mainly

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