Are you getting ready for the big day? Buying your turkey, sending invites, hoping certain relatives can’t make it?! Well, if you want a different take on it all, try the NYC National Museum of the American Indian at Bowling Green. You know the place; it was in the Ghostbusters movie. If you are running out of things to do when you take the ferry in to the city and have simply forgotten about this elephant in the room, you should really check it out.

I remember when it first opened, the exhibits left a little to be desired. But on a recent trip through the museum, I was totally impressed with the breadth and scope of the archives on display. First off, the history of the building and the site go back to our original Dutch ancestors

So, the big wedding day came, and we were so happy to celebrate with friends, family and mermaids, a true gathering of sea people! But we did it inland, away from the sea, although there was a small waterway nearby, the Maspeth Kill, we were surrounded by land.

And how did it all come together? Well, it started with a vision, and the Highlanders of Shorefront provided that by looking for a blank canvas with which to paint their masterpiece. But we learned that a blank canvas takes a lot of

 I know you’ve probably been asking, “Where’s Lazer been?” At least I hope you have! Been busy with the band this summer as we transitioned from the Grayriders to the Graytrippers. I know you probably are saying “Really, Lazer?” Also been involved in this wedding thing coming up in a week or so, but truth be told, my wife and daughter have been the chief architects there, I’m really just eye candy for that one.

No, the truth is that I haven’t had a decent idea, nothing good to share, no

I had the good fortune a few years ago to reconnect with some old friends from my Greenpoint neighborhood through a music studio in Greenpoint (Williamsburg if you are a hipster) that was built by one of the guys. That guy’s family owned a house built in the 1850s on Graham Avenue, that he was able to convert into a cool studio. Several old friends would come by and before you knew it there was a full band ripping it up pretty good. What was better was the repartee between these friends of 40

The rehearsal was over, and it was guaranteed that not one person would remember what was expected next Saturday. A lovely collection of coconuts, we sat down to a sumptuous dinner prepared by Whit and his staff, thanks to the gracious and handsome parents of the groom. The betrothed were celebrating one week before the grand ceremony with their wedding party and family, and it was a wonderful afternoon!

The next day, fresh off a Yankees win, and prior to a painful Yankees loss, the bride’s

I ride by the empty lot on Beach Channel Drive and 106th Street several times during the course of the week and am amazed by the bucolic setting that I see: reeds jutting up from rain-created ponds with all sorts of water fowl about. Inside the two-and-a-half block barbed-wired fence, sits empty city blocks filled with all sorts of birds. They include the various types of scavenger seagulls from the bay and ocean: laughing gulls, herring gulls, and terns. In addition, there are the swallows

I didn’t grow up in Rockaway, which my mermaid likes to remind me of. I grew up in Greenpoint, prior to the hipster revolution and all those cool dudes coming to Rockaway with surfboards on the A train. I did grow up learning to body surf from my summers in bungalows on Beach 87th Street in the early 1960s and then again in the late 70s on Beach 100th Street, but the thought of being over my head on a surfboard always frightened me.

Being closer to the end then the beginning, I figured why not

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