So, if you hadn’t noticed it, Plum Tomatoes on Beach 129th Street has changed owners. Not much to notice from the outside but there are changes on the inside. Plum Tomatoes used to be a pizza place that also served dinners. You could get slices and hang out on the side at a table. There was a wall that kind of separated the slice eaters from the diners. The various types of pizza slices were displayed under a glass case at the counter.

The new owners have renamed the place La Sorrentina and have made changes, and I have to say, I like them. La Sorrentina is now an Italian restaurant that happens to also sell pizza. And that tells the main difference. The wall separating the areas is gone, and each table is adorned with a white tablecloth

We don’t have a woman Secretary of State anymore. Hillary Clinton was the last, Condoleezza Rice was one and so was Madeleine Albright. But I am not writing about “real” secretaries of state, I’m referring to the television show with Téa Leoni. On that show, Téa played a CIA analyst who became secretary and then became president. The show just recently aired its final episode. I’m not weighing in on politics, that’s what Facebook is for (LOL!). Rather, I want to focus on an aspect that gets

The recently married mermaid gave me a gift not long ago that I got to use this past week: a NYC Gangster Mob Tour! And let me tell you, it was loads of fun, a lot of walking (which I love) and nobody got whacked (which is too bad!). The tour was attended by about 12 people, almost all from out of town, and so the senior mermaid and I, and two friends were the only native New Yorkers on the tour. But we didn’t care as this is the greatest city in the world, so why not be a tourist every now and

By now you know that the old theater on 116th Street is down, and that the talented Maribel has opened a new restaurant on the commercial strip because you read The Rockaway Times, or at least look at the front-page photos. But did you know that the inside of Rogers is going through a huge renovation?

A few years ago, Rogers and the entire building that houses the bar was purchased by Mike McMahon, and he fixed up the inside to make it presentable, and added music every Friday, Saturday and

A recent meeting brought me to downtown Brooklyn, and if you have to ask where that is, then you don’t know Brooklyn. I took the opportunity to walk over to the Dumbo section, which is just north of the Brooklyn Bridge and right on the water. This area has gone through a revival of late and is home to St. Ann's Warehouse, which in avant-garde theater. Right next door to the theater is Time-Out Magazine’s new addition, a five-story refurbished, pre-civil war coffee warehouse that now houses

Do you remember the Central Park Schaefer Music Festival? If you do, you are probably old enough to remember that Schaefer was a beer brewed in Williamsburg. The festival was held at the Wollman skating rink, and at the time, the $5 tickets were too expensive, so everyone I knew sat out on the big rock outside and listened for free. The experience of being in Central Park after dark was exciting, and a little scary in the 1970s, but it was fun.

The festival eventually changed sponsors

Are you getting ready for the big day? Buying your turkey, sending invites, hoping certain relatives can’t make it?! Well, if you want a different take on it all, try the NYC National Museum of the American Indian at Bowling Green. You know the place; it was in the Ghostbusters movie. If you are running out of things to do when you take the ferry in to the city and have simply forgotten about this elephant in the room, you should really check it out.

I remember when it first opened, the

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