From The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Nutritious Cooking with a Side of Conversation


Lunches, dinners, and nutritious cultural delicacies...yes, you too can learn how to prepare, cook, and feast on these dishes thanks to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance’s very own Cook and Chat program. No matter the level of your culinary skills, the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance invites you to come and participate in “Cook and Chat,” a program that teaches you how to cook simple dishes while also equipping you with nutrition information to stay healthy.

Food is a part of our daily lives, why not learn something new with a FREE nutrition education and cooking class? Each session kicks off with 30 minutes of nutrition education. Next, it’s time to cook! Led by RWA’s chef Tiffany and her protégé, Diego, the pair prepare a dish and discuss topics ranging from knife skills to salt-free flavor enhancers.

Most recently, Cook and Chat attendees had the opportunity to make pasta with mushroom ragout, learn about hydroponic planting, indulge in an eggplant veggie sandwich topped with homemade pesto, and prepare arepas con queso. With many more delicious recipes to come, RWA encourages everyone to engage in this free, hands-on learning experience and start their path to a better and more nutritious version of themselves.

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