Community Shows Appreciation for Local Police


 As police forces across the country face protests and calls to defund departments, some members of the community are letting Rockaway’s local precincts know that they have their back.

This week, Rockaway’s NYPD police precincts were shown a little love with acts of kindness from the community. This comes after nationwide protests, and more locally, two incidents in recent weeks in which police vehicles were shot at on the peninsula.

Efforts to show support for police have grown across the country with fundraising efforts taking place to provide officers with meals and snacks during shifts. Hold the Line, a group started specifically to show the NYPD some love, has been fundraising and supporting precincts and units across the five boroughs, including the 100th, 101st and Transit District 23. The owners of Elegante Pizza reached out to the organization to take it a step further by delivering the donations and providing pizza and hot meals to all three precincts in the Rockaways, for free. On Friday, June 12, officers from the local precincts received fresh fruit and snacks from Hold the Line and hot food provided by Elegante. The 100th Precinct shared a photo from the effort saying, “Thank you to the Rockaway community for the continued support during these times. Special thank you to Hold the Line and Elegante Pizza for providing a delicious lunch.”

Support efforts continued when on the early morning of Wednesday, June 17, Legends in Valor, the local organization that helps make the wounded warriors weekend possible each year, decided to show the 100th Precinct some appreciation. During the morning shift change, five men, mostly former police officers, brought all of the officers coming off the overnight shift and the officers starting their morning shift, a sign of support, bagels and spreads, donuts and coffee. “We set it all up for them and thanked them for their service and wished for them to be safe,” one donor, Flip Mullen, said. “We don’t believe the police are getting the support they deserve, especially in the mainstream media and from politicians, including the empty suit, de Blasio, and the governor. A bad cop is a good cop’s worst enemy. If you paint a group with a broad brush, whether it’s a race, a religion, an occupation, it shows ignorance. We wanted to let our good cops know that we support them. There is a silent majority out there that does support them.”

The 100th Precinct shared a photo after the effort saying, “Thank you to Legends in Valor for providing us a great breakfast spread! WE are so lucky to work for such a supportive community!”

 By Katie McFadden