A Story With a Nice Ring to It


We could all use some good news. It was somewhat of a miracle when the story of a lost engagement ring on the beach, resulted in a happy ending!

A woman named Gina Bopp took to local Facebook page, Friends of Rockaway Beach, to ask locals to keep a lookout for her engagement ring that she lost while swimming on Beach 122nd Street on Monday. “It’s not worth much but is invaluable to my family,” she wrote. The post followed with many prayers, well wishes and offers of metal detectors to help, but no luck. In the meantime, the woman contacted a company called The Ring Finders on Tuesday.

“They reached out to me and we went out looking in the morning, but again, no luck. A group of five different diggers, from all five boroughs, went back around 8 p.m. during low tide,” she told The Rockaway Times. Soon after, Bopp received a much-welcomed phone call from the company, letting her know that her ring was found!

Bopp followed up with the Friends of Rockaway Beach group, saying “Thank you for all your prayers and shares! Never think it’s impossible, theringfinders.com are miracle workers!”


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