Over the past few years, I have noticed a decline in the delivery of the mail. However, when we were kids on Beach 117th Street, someone could probably address a postcard with just my first name and possibly an incorrect address and it would arrive at 212D Beach 117th Street because Marty the mailman would know it was for me.

Even the Broad Channel mailman understood the humor of his locals when Uncle Joe from California sent a Christmas card to my in-laws with the name addressed as “George and Mary Bailey the Richest Family in Town.” We were so friendly with Marty the mailman, I remember him sitting down and my mother offering him water on a hot summer day. I was young and running around but my parents occasionally sat and spoke with

Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing to hear a song and remember a significant, or minor incident, and smile. I can hear certain songs and remember that my mom or dad liked it, that it created a great memory or sometimes a sad memory.

One of the reasons I enjoy the beach so much is so many of my childhood memories were from the beach. We had a routine each day: someone was in charge of making the drinks, someone made the sandwiches and someone made sure we had snacks. Now we did not have juice

As we sit and enjoy the last few days of summer and savor the fact that because of the calendar, we actually get an extra week due to Labor Day arriving late this year, I think we should give a shout out to all of the things we have enjoyed this summer.

  1. My electric bicycle. My husband first purchased one for himself and since I could not keep up with him, I received one too! It is a great mode of transportation and I truly enjoy it. My husband has ridden all over the town with a huge smile

“The War in the Schools” is the headline I woke up to this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. I did not even continue to watch. I stopped watching the news months ago. But I cannot believe that opening the schools has become a political battle. I truly thought when I left school in March, I would be returning to school after spring break. I thought we were closing to flatten the curve.    I never imagined we were closing until we found a vaccine.

People keep saying that teachers are

Driving in Rockaway has become a sport. A sport I have told many that I do not participate in on the busy weekends as it is too stressful. People in New York, especially Rockaway and Broad Channel, need to learn how to drive. What people also need to do is to learn simple driver’s etiquette. 

1) Do not tailgate. It is not just rude, it is actually a violation. The law says to leave an adequate amount of space. Keep in mind that another vehicle should be able to occupy the space in-between you

Last week, Governor Cuomo announced that he will be releasing a book in October. My first response was, wow I love to write and I have many notes on a few books I would like to write but finding the time to write is difficult. I was impressed that he had the time to write a book while a crisis was going on in our state. Then I said to myself, maybe he wrote the book before the crisis and was waiting for it to be edited and such. Then I found out the title: American Crisis- Leadership Lessons

I have a house party every year for the Rockaway Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Each year I say I am not going to have another party because I cannot believe how people do not know how to act in a house as opposed to a bar. I have even had cigarettes stomped out on both my front porch and back deck. During the party, people always see me running around picking up plates and empty cans and bottles and ask me what they can do to help. I always respond with: you can throw away your empties and your

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