Babysitting Still A Thing?

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Babysitter: a person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out.

What has happened to the babysitter? Do kids still babysit? Do parents still hire babysitters?

It seems recently that kids are everywhere I go. Now, my children are 21 and 26, so I like the no children atmosphere. I know the babysitter is expensive but children do not belong in certain places at certain times. Here is my children etiquette column.

Children should not be in the following places:

I recently went on a cruise and there was a night club where everyone went every night, and each night it was a different theme. I promise you there was not one theme that said, "Children's Night." The children’s activities were in a separate part of the boat. One young child slept on what looked like his grandmother’s shoulders while the rest of the family had fun. Each person should have taken a night and go home and let that poor baby sleep in a quiet place. This one child was there every night. There was even a sign that said, "No  one under 18 after 11 p.m.” The rule was not enforced. AND 11 o’clock is too late in my opinion. 

Restaurants: Sure, everyone likes a nice night out and maybe you cannot afford a babysitter or maybe you actually want to have a family meal. However, please do not have your child running around the restaurant. Also please have them out of the restaurant at a reasonable time. I think eight o’clock is their curfew in a restaurant that also serves as a bar. In the summer, if it is dark out and the DJ is playing, then that is definitely time to take your children home.

Movie theatres: I am not a frequent attendee of the movie theatres, as films come out on cable and Netflix so quickly, but that is exactly the reason that your child should not be in the theatre after 8 p.m. seeing a film. I especially hated seeing carriages later at night for children who are clearly not watching the movie. Parents just wanted to see the film and either could not 1-Get a babysitter or 2-Afford a babysitter.

I understand babysitting is expensive. I loved babysitting when I was younger because I think babysitters were always paid well and I always had money in my pocket. Are people just not wanting to spend it? Has it become too expensive? Have pre-teens and teens become so spoiled they do not need to make money?

I do not know the answers to these questions but I do know there is one solution: stay home while your children are small.

Have a great week everyone and stay cool this hot weekend.

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