A Noble Deed


 When 10-year-old Michael Krasowsky lost his beloved toy sword on the beach earlier this month, he was devastated. “He’s not a crybaby but he cried from his heart,” his mom, Nicole Melhado said. After all, it was something that rarely left his side for more than five years.

“He got it for a good report card in kindergarten. It was just this random toy he picked out, but it was something he gravitated to. Michael has some ADHD and emotional issues, and this sword is a security blanket for him. It’s part of every Halloween costume. It’s gotten several makeovers by Rochelle for every Poseidon Parade. At school, they were doing a play of Aladdin and they made him a guard so he could use his sword. If you know Michael, you know this sword goes everywhere with him” Melhado said.

So when they realized it was gone after coming home from a day at the beach, they searched high and low for it, tracing their steps, looking in garbage cans for the “well loved” toy and asking others if they had seen it, but to no avail. “He was just beside himself, just heartbroken,” Melhado said. Michael then had the idea of posting some photos online, so on August 7, Melhado shared the story with a few photos of the sword and asked if anyone had seen it.

While unfortunately, no one came across the sword, the idea of a child heartbroken over the loss of this toy, struck a few chords. “We put it on Friends of Rockaway Beach, and it was shared nearly 70 times and people started messaging me, asking if they could send him something,” Melhado said. “Another woman commented on one of the photos and had found a link from Walmart for the sword, so I ordered it that day…but the swords never stopped coming.” After some asked for her address, several packages showed up at Melhado’s home with various swords, shields and other similar toys for Michael.

“It was like Christmas for him. A couple friends and family had sent things, but some were just from people I had never met before. When it comes to things like this, our community goes above and beyond,” Melhado said. “Rockaway never ceases to amaze me. When it comes to our children, we find a way to come together and make it right. These are complete strangers who did this. It put some pep in my step and restored faith in humanity.” On Wednesday, August 18, Melhado happily shared this update with those on the Friends of Rockaway Beach Facebook group along with a photo of Michael’s new collection.

As for Michael? “Mikey truly appreciates it. He’s happy as a clam right now,” Melhado said. “The world is right again for Michael.”

 By Katie McFadden

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