Back in April of last year, work on the street raising/new bulkhead installations on West 11th and 12th Roads were suspended "indefinitely" to allow the City's Build it Back (BiB) program access to those same streets in order to raise/rebuild homes.  At a transition meeting prior to the turnover it was made crystal clear to the Build it Back "powers that be" that there would be multiple families who are not part of the Build it Back operation who would continue to reside in their homes on both streets. 

At that time, it was stressed to BiB that their  contractor staff must remain acutely aware of these remaining families and occupied properties and afford them a modicum of courtesy and consideration so as to not inordinately impact their

I recently received a mailing from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) promoting their partnership with a New Jersey-based company, American Water Resources (AWR), to offer me a water and sewer service Line Protection Program.

The DEP promotion states that this voluntary program is designed to protect me from the unexpected costs of service line repairs as "Most homeowners are not aware that they are responsible for all of the costs associated with repairing damaged

Around 3 a.m. this past Sunday morning, I was awakened from a sound sleep by a furry face burrowing into my neck, accompanied by the unmistakable smell of dog breath. As I struggled to open both my eyes, I saw our family canine, Zach, wagging his tail while yipping softly. I immediately recognized Zach's behavior as his way of letting me know that if I didn't jump out of bed in the next 30 seconds, he fully intended to slink off to some hidden corner of the house and quietly make a substantial

I don't quite know why, but somewhere between Bob Geldof's Do They Know It's Christmas? by Band Aid back in 1984 and today, the greeting "Merry Christmas" has become the salutary equivalent of Hester Prynne's Scarlet Letter A. All mention of the "Christmas" holiday is strictly verboten as it may offend some non-believers, you know...the ones who never get to see the Polar Express, and should be replaced with such politically correct and non-offensive greetings as "Happy Holidays," "Seasons

One of my daughters recently expressed her sorrow for my having to grow up in an age without all the electronic and social accouterments and devices deemed so necessary for life in today's world. "What did you do without microwaves, cell phones, apps, computers, the Internet, Netflix, Tumblr, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, McDonald's, Wendy's, Sushi Bars and Amazon?”

I had to remind her that although living in a cave while dinosaurs roamed free on Queens Boulevard over in Woodside, Queens

We are now almost two weeks into the 2018 new year, and as the holidays rapidly fade away in the rear view mirror of life and many of us feel like a huge emotional rug has been pulled out from underneath us, we embrace our annual bout of the Post Holiday Blues.

After weeks of decorating, shopping, baking, visiting, being visited, the whole thing is over in a matter of days! The hype and excitement and yes, expectation for jolliness buoy up many in the buildup to the Big Day. But then

The recent spate of car thefts and vehicle pilferage in our community of Broad Channel has served as an unfortunate wake-up call to us to make sure our vehicles are locked while parked, and that no package(s), jewelry, electronic gadgets, cash, or any other items of apparent worth are left visible within the vehicle that only serve as an invitation for thieves while your cars are unattended, even for a short period of time. The keywords here are "make sure your vehicle is locked..."

Those of

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