I would be remiss if I did not mention that the feedback from last week's column, “Back Pain and Loo-nacy," was somewhat mixed. Although some readers told me that they had a good chuckle over my efforts to deal with chronic lower back pain, others were somewhat upset about what they described as my "unhealthy" fixation on bodily functions. More specifically, they thought I had dwelled far too long on the subject of constipation and laxatives, but between you and me, I honestly believe it was my "Bowel Banger" cocktail that may have shoved them over the edge.

In any case, always conscious of the sensitivities of those who read these missives, I have decided to forego this week's intended column regarding the ins and outs of my recent

Summer is almost officially upon us and the guys and girls up at the Broad Channel VFW on Shad Creek Road are once again extending an invitation to all to join them for their first BBQ of the season. Hopefully Saturday's weather will be filled with lots of sun and warm temps, so gather up your family, friends, and neighbors and drop by the Broad Channel VFW for some lively music, stimulating conversation, great food, soda, water and ice cold beer while enjoying a refreshing light breeze off the

Now it should come as no surprise to those of you who know me that my idea of a healthy lifestyle has always been to patiently wait for those lemons that life continually hands each of us, whereupon I would mix them with vodka and then tell everyone I'm simply doing a cleanse.

When last I left all of you back in early April, I had stupidly managed to fall out of bed, while half asleep, seriously injuring my back to the point that while prone on the floor yelling, to no one in particular, "I've

Our City Council has been hard at work poking its nose into the personal affairs of New Yorkers with introductions of several inane, "nanny state"-inspired bills. First up is a bill introduced by Council member Raphael L. Espinal, Jr., (Int 0726-2018) which makes it unlawful for private employees in the City of New York to require employees to check and respond to email and other electronic communications during non-work hours.

Apparently, Councilmember Espinal was so impressed with a recent

The recent wet weather forced the cancellation of the annual Broad Channel Memorial Day Parade. Actually, no one I spoke to could remember when this annual event had ever been canceled due to inclement weather prior to this year. Thankfully, the rain didn't prevent the two busloads of disabled veterans from St. Albans from showing up and enjoying an afternoon of great food and entertainment provided by the guys and gals of our local VFW staff. A great big thank you is also extended to those

Recently, I marked yet another milestone on my stoic journey through this existence we all call life — my 68th birthday. Yup, 68 long years since some long-forgotten physician, midwife, police officer or taxi driver (the exact circumstances of my birth were always, at best, both confusing and contradictory) patted me on my ass and said, "Okay kid, go get in the game. Play hard, play fair, and don't get too many penalty flags and always remember, don't drink and no tattoos!" 

Coming from a

About five or six years ago, I walked into the Broad Channel VFW to meet up with Grace (aka she who must be obeyed) and was met with a chorus of giggles from the assembled crowd at the canteen bar. Not knowing what was so funny I simply sidled up next to my beloved and queried, "What's so funny?" Grace pointed behind me and I spied a cage containing a motley-looking, long-haired feline within, all curled up and shaking nervously. Grace, matter-of-factly announced, "Meet Sasha and she is coming

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