Response and Responsibility

Dear Editor:

My thanks to Dylan Watton for replying to Rick Horan’s anti-gun control letter. I tried to reply myself using the same reasoning, but I could not express my thoughts without resorting to profanities, which would prevent you from publishing them. I want to add one thing about who is responsible for the current mess. It is incredible to me that our elected representatives in Congress can be so devoid of morals, so spineless, so self-serving, and so generally reprehensible that they not only accept, but justify the status quo. The only people more reprehensible than they, are the voters who continue to put them in office.

Richard Epro


Word Clash

Dear Editor:

I love Facts You Probably Don't

Far Thoughts

Dear Editor:

Loved your Boyleing Points last week ("Far Out"). First, calm down, Far Rockaway has always been Far Rockaway, but not always part of New York City. Having been born and lived most of my life in Rockaway, here's a little history lesson. Back in the day, and generations before I was born, Rockaway was not part of New York City but part of the Town of Hempstead, which already had East Rockaway and so it was decided to name part of our peninsula "Far" Rockaway as being

Skin Care

Dear Editor:

While I applaud Janet Fash on her advice regarding skin exams, I also wish her well on what sounds like a near miss (Be Well column February 22). Like me, she spent many years in the sun as a lifeguard here in Rockaway. Now we are reaping the "rewards" of all that time spent in the sun. I would also like to remind readers that having a darker skin tone does not protect one from sun-related skin damage and skin cancer. Great job, Janet!

Peter Galvin, M.D.



Why - 80 Acres Of Nothing

Dear Editor:

There is a lot of undeveloped land east on Beach 58th Street.  To the west is Arverne by the Sea which turned out very nicely and looks like the latest construction going up will complete that part of that area which is a good thing for Rockaway.  But what about the other way?  I remember stories about this being part of a plan called Arverne East.  I remember after Hurricane Sandy them doing some contest about plans for that end.  My curiosity got me so

About Laws and Liberty

Dear Editor:

In every state, there are laws to prevent the purchase of drugs without a doctor's prescription, yet people continue to die of drug overdoses. If laws can really control a person's behavior, as gun control advocates would have us believe, why aren't illegal drug use and deaths a thing of the past?

Maybe there are lessons to be learned from the billions of dollars that we have spent on the "War on Drugs" and the millions of lives impacted by punitive laws

Memory Lane

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed looking at the old picture of Curley’s Hotel in your Feb. 15, 2018 issue of The Rockaway Times.  Growing up I heard many stories of the great Curley’s as both my mother and grandmother worked there in the late 1940’s and early 50’s. Mom’s family hailed from the Upper West Side, but during the summer months they rented a room in a house on St. Mark’s Place (which I don’t believe is around anymore either). Mom used to tell me of the many happy summers she

Dog Park-ing

Dear Editor:

I don't know if you are aware of the recent actions by the NYCTA by the dog park on 83rd Street. Apparently, following an altercation with a man with a dog, the manager of the NYCTA site behind the dog park erected a fence to keep people bringing their dogs to the park from parking under the El, which the NYCTA claims as their property.

This is a big change for those of us who have been using this dog park and parking under the El for a long time. If this is NYCTA

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