The sun in summer - intense, irradiant, long in the day – brings to mind its intense energy without which there would be no life here. Our bodies need energy in order to function, which we obtain through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. The “vital life force” (or “prana”) is the energy that sustains all life. Sometimes the demanding parts of our lives often zap our energy and we find ourselves out of fuel with still more to do.

I try to separate my work day with my evening by doing one to a few restorative yoga poses. I am always astounded as to how these completely supported poses, that is, no muscle or any energy exerted, gives me clarity of mind and less aches in my body.    

There are two ways to do them

Giving your head some room to breathe can really help with figuring something out, understanding someone’s behavior and alleviating stress. We can sometimes get fixed on something, thinking, thinking, creating stress and not taking the time to separate and create some room for ideas to arise to solve problems or to get out of an obsessive situation.  People’s disagreeable words keep coming up in our minds; we keep on playing a scenario that was unsavory; we keep going back to something we

Everyone is happy! Summer is here! One of the things I realized about this is that people are happy to see other people. Neighbors on the block, people lingering outside a local store, etc. Connecting to others, catching up, spending a little time. Winter is isolating, people go away, we rush about outside to get out of the cold. Warm weather comes and the smiles and the greetings and the plans to meet abound. The sense of community and belonging is very comforting and we are very fortunate to

The kindness of strangers when directed towards me is always amazing, even though I do practice kindnesses often.

About a half hour into thinking about the above, while I was sitting in a restaurant at the bar, finishing my wine after dinner, a woman came in and sat in the seat to the left of me and handed the woman further to the left a bouquet of flowers. The woman said at first, “Oh, why did you do that? You shouldn’t have,” and finally said, "Thank you." The flower-giver and I started

To be kind, compassionate and loyal is the description many would give to John Kelly. If you were lucky enough to meet John in your life, then you are blessed to have experienced an angel on earth who just got his wings to enter into heaven last week.

John had many lessons to teach to the young boys in Xavier, as well as others who met him. He was a great coach who taught the athletes to have integrity, strength, resilience and loyalty. Win or lose, you were encouraged by John to have good

“Be Well, Be Happy” is a constant reminder to stop, pay attention and be aware of our emotional state of mind.  We do our best in this column to give you tools to work with when you feel out of balance or unhappy.  Sometimes the tools work and other times not so much.

Many of the topics or focal points come from a personal experience. The following is my experience traveling with my daughter in Portugal. The most beautiful, spiritual country I have ever visited. We feel blessed to have had

As you read this column, I will be in Portugal traveling with my best friend and daughter, Kayla. We planned this trip months ago when she was working very hard in school towards her nursing degree. Anyone who has a BS in Nursing knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to receive this degree. She has one more year to go and, God willing, she will be of service in the health industry. She is a kind, compassionate and brilliant woman. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am so very

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