St. Francis Prep: Education, Tradition and Excellence


St. Francis Prep boasts a strong core academic program and a faith-based education. For 160 years, Prep students have received an outstanding preparation for college with many opportunities for spiritual and social development, while being challenged and encouraged to achieve their potential. At the heart, our academic program is a strong traditional core curriculum. Every student at Prep undertakes a sequence of rigorous college preparatory courses. Supplementing this rigorous core education, students also have the opportunity to enroll in advanced and specialty courses in every academic area, including Honors-level classes, Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit courses. We also offer upper-level elective classes in fields of study, which include Business, Computer Science, Art, Music, Science Research and Religion.

Our academic and extra-curricular program offerings exist on an unprecedented scale—one that other schools simply can't match. Prep students have vast opportunities to pursue their interests on a higher level within the most modern, advanced, cutting-edge educational facilities in the area. Our dedicated and passionate faculty and staff are committed to providing quality instruction, with individual attention to the needs of every student.

View our full course book at the school website: As you look through the course book and the other materials on our web site, you will get a sense of the challenging and enriching courses and opportunities you can look forward to taking as a student at St. Francis Prep.

After freshman year, selection for Honors classes is based solely on achievement in classes taken. This system rewards hard work and allows for a great deal of flexibility. St. Francis Prep students may be enrolled in one or several honors classes without the limitations of academic tracking. Therefore, from year to year, there is the potential for a student to move into and out of Honors classes.

The ideals of our Catholic, Franciscan college preparatory education are based on helping students develop their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social abilities.

  • We field junior varsity and varsity teams in nearly every major sport and offer an extensive intramural program.
  • We sponsor about 80 clubs and activities, ranging from Model U.N., and Speech, Debate and Public Speaking Team to Language and Culture clubs.
  • We provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development for students of all religious traditions through a wide range of activities and programs including prayer and reconciliation services, service-learning opportunities, retreats and donation/fund drives to aid the less fortunate in our community.
  • We offer extensive opportunities for travel and study abroad. We like to say, “There is something for everyone here.” Our goal is to prepare students for both college and life; to be well-rounded individuals with critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and to be lifelong learners.

St. Francis Prep’s success is evident in the accomplishments of our most recent graduates: The “Class of 2018” earned over $160 million dollars in merit scholarship awards at some of the finest academic institutions in the nation.  But it’s also evident in the lives and actions of our alumni. Alumni benefactors from all generations have generously supported the Prep’s ongoing major Capital Improvement and Modernization program which has resulted in the creation of  (1) Art Education Center (2) The Physical Education and Athletic Training Center (3) Completely renovated Science Classrooms and Labs (4) New Music Education and Practice facilities and (5) The funding of many named and memorial scholarships.  

The choice to attend St. Francis Prep means you become part of a rich tradition that includes the opportunity to forge life-long bonds of friendship; achieve academic excellence and become part of an active, spiritual community.

“High School is four years; St. Francis Prep is forever.”