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Great Irish FairThis Saturday
By KatieMcFadden
It’s only halfway to St. Paddy’s
Day, but there’s never a bad time
to celebrate Irish culture. Kick off
this first weekend of autumn in
Brooklyn on Saturday, Septem-
ber 24 at the 35th Annual Great
Irish Fair of New York.
The Great Irish Fair is a long-
time tradition but this year it’s
taking place at a brand new ven-
ue. For the past few years, the
festival was held in the MCU
Stadium parking lot, but it has
now found a permanent home.
Coney Island welcomed the
Ford Amphitheater (3052 W 21st
Street) this summer, a brandnew
sheltered venue that has hosted
a series of concerts featuring
big name acts. Marty Cotting-
ham, Chairman of the Board of
Directors for the Irish American
Building Society, which hosts
the Great Irish Fair, was instru-
mental in the building and de-
velopment of the Amphitheater,
so the festival organizers decid-
ed to give credit where it is due
and make the new venue a per-
manent home for the festival.
The venue also eliminates the
concern of bad weather. “It’s a
beautiful venue with a perma-
nent structure that’s covered, so
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