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Banks Should Do Better
Dear Editor:
Love the best-planned little
park, our own respite, Tribute
Park. It's always well-tended,
thanks to Parks’ staff and vol-
unteers, and affords us pleas-
ant solace.
The state of the property of
the HSBC on 116th and Beach
Channel Drive was mentioned
in High Tide. I have an opinion
about that.
Bankers make terrible prop-
erty owners. For reference, see
the foreclosed crumbling homes
throughout Rockaway and across
the nation. They are the banks'
responsibilities. They take care
of our dollars; howabout tending
to our broken dreams? Pay for
and appoint a property manager
to do this, if necessary.
In a country where home-
lessness is a major problem,
we should legislate for use
of houses left abandoned for
years on end. Leaving these
dwellings to rot is a national
disgrace. Shape up or put up,
Money Managers!
Maureen McNelis
About Fire Boxes
Dear Editor:
I was sent this information
about our Community Fire
Alarm Call Boxes from the In-
tergovernmental Liaison of the
New York City Fire Department
Katie Raitz. Katie said the Fire
Department, is working with
FEMA to get our Fire Alarm Call
Boxes restored to working con-
dition after the copper wires
were corroded by the salt wa-
ter exposure during Hurricane
Sandy. She said: “Many of the
alarm boxes in this area have
been out of service for a while.
The Fire Department is current-
ly working with FEMA to draw
up the contract for fixing the
boxes. We are also identifying
materials that will be able to
withstand severe weather bet-
ter in the future, so that we can
avoid damage at this scale in
the future. As we get closer to
coming to a contract agreement
for the work to take place, I will
have a better idea of when this
box on Beach 124th Street and
Rockaway Beach Boulevard and
the other boxes will be fixed.”
Danny Ruscillo
Old Days Yearn
Dear Editor:
The Rockaways had a beauti-
ful summer with many beach-
goers, people enjoying the
boardwalk and concessions.
And free concerts, and street
festivals. The one problem was
a lot of public urination by va-
grants, and people consuming
alcohol in public and drunke-
ness. Panhandling on 116th
street was ever-present every
day .Why is there such a disre-
gard for taxpaying citizens by
this current administration??
Quality of life issues no longer
go to the courthouse. It is just a
summons, that more than like-
ly will not be paid.
Thank you Mayor de Blasio
and Melissa Mark-Viverito.
Bill Dickesheid
Stacey Gets A Vote
Dear Editor:
I have never felt the need to
write a letter to any newspa-
per previously. However, due
to recent disparaging com-
ments and non-truths spouted
by Alan Zwirn in his political
campaign for Assemblyman,
I could not sit idly by and am
compelled to speak out.
I wish to clarify that both
Alan Zwirn and Stacey Pheffer
Amato followed the same pro-
cess to candidacy. They both
threw their name into the ring,
they both were the singular
candidate for their respective
parties and received their en-
dorsements. Finally, both of
them collected the necessary
petitions to get on the ballot.
To come right out and not even
insinuate, but to blatantly ac-
cuse his opponent of wrong-
doing is both supercilious and
extremely unprofessional.
There have been snide com-
ments on Mr. Zwirn's part that
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