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Fun Bugs
By Lou Pastina
Remember lighting bugs?
Sometimes they were called
June bugs. As kids we would
catch them and put them in
bottles. They were so cool to
look at. And when that time of
year came around the back-
yards would be filled with light-
ing bugs. Where did they go? I
haven’t seen them in years. Do
you have to believe in Tinker-
belle to see them? Or did Sandy
do them all in?
How about Monarch butter-
flies? Where have they gone?
Used to be that in September
the sky would be filled with
those floating beauties making
their way to South America on
a several thousand-mile jour-
ney to their homes. Stopping
off in Rockaway to say hello by
just floating around in our back
yards. I see some occasionally,
but they look more lost than a
familiar visitor.
Our friends the cicadas are
back in full force though. No
amount of salt water into their
dirt homes affected their sev-
enteen-year sleep. Up and out
in late August, those guys are
flapping their wings furiously in
search of a good-looking female
cicada. Hmmm, is that an oxy-
I’ll tell you what, there are
plenty of dragonflies! I know
they love the sewer plant and
are always around there. But
what is the deal about Rippers
at Beach 86th Street? Have
you ridden your bike by the
bathroom there? The place
is like dragonfly central; they
are everywhere. But God bless
the dragonfly, for they may
look ferocious but they sel-
dom attack.
I was recently upstate at a
lake and saw dining needles.
Remember those guys? The
skinny version of dragonflies,
they come in various colors,
but mostly are blue. I saw red
ones this year too; never saw
that before. I guess they really
like lakes, because you never
see them in Rockaway. Maybe
they can’t afford the tolls on
the bridges?
Earlier this year I saw a
caterpillar in the backyard.
Not just any type either, this
one was big, yellow, green
and black. Remember those?
As kids you would see them
everywhere, now never!
What happened? Were those
the guys that turned into gyp-
sy moths and the city erad-
icated them? Which brings
me to a thought, why are all
the bugs changing so much?
Is it that we have cemented
everything? I don’t think so.
Is it that we are using insec-
ticides to kill them all? I don’t
think so; somuch of the stuff we
eat now is organic. Is it global
warming? Youwould think bugs
would like that!
Maybe it is the Tinkerbelle
effect. Maybe we grew up and
don’t believe anymore, and
we just don’t see them. May-
be they are there, and we need
a more child-like view of the
world. I am going with that ex-
planation for now. And I am
going to try and believe more,
who knows I might see a light-
ing bug!
(Editor’s note: We’ve gotten
birds, trees, and bugs in the last
three Lazer columns. We breath-
lessly await 500 words on rocks.)
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