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Poseidon’s Parade Does it Again!
There were mermaids and mer-
men a plenty, pirates and sea crea-
tures galore at the 2nd Annual Po-
seidon’s Parade. The sea-inspired
spectacle was another success
with mermaids from near and far
showing off their creative spirit as
along the boardwalk for this sum-
Membersof theRockawayMer-
maid Brigade, who have partici-
pated in Coney Island’s Mermaid
Parade for the past decade, were
inspired by the start-of-summer
event in Brooklyn and brought
their very own to Rockaway as
a way to close out the summer.
Poseidon’s Parade, held for the
first time in September 2015, is
a family-friendly art parade that
encourages creativity and artistic
expression. The inaugural event
was a bit hit and this year was
even bigger. “ Overall I think the
paradewas a success. It was a sea
of smiles, enthusiastic spirit, and
beautiful artistry,” parade found-
er Casey Brouder said.
Fromfloats, to decorated bikes
to full group dances, everyone
got into the spirit, andmanywere
awarded for their efforts. Judging
was based on creativity, original-
ityandenthusiasmand the tough
job of choosing the winners was
up to judges Bettina Hornung,
Bob Falco, Sean Flaherty, Sophia
Skeans and Dee Tubridy, while
Kevin Brown was the official Ref.
According to the parade organ-
izers, here were this year’s win-
ners: Best Overall Float went to
Beach 92nd Street for their pirate
ship. Beach 101st took homeBest
Block for Mutation 101. The Best
Children’s Group went to the
Children’s Aquarium. The Gods
andGoddesses of Rockawaywon
Best Adult Group. The Rockaway
Beach Club, including Cara-
cas, Breezy’s BBQ and CitySticks
won Best Bar/Restaurant for
their Pool Party. Deidre and Jon
Sorocki won best bike for their
creative Clownfish in an Anem-
one getup. The Rockaway Artists
Alliance ReSeaCycled Super He-
roes won for Best Use of Recycled
Materials. Best Pet Group went to
Pupscouts Troop #4. Healy’s Pub
Country Rockin’ Under the Sea
won for Best Spirit. The Aquatic
AllianceAwardwent toAlf andRo-
chelle Grubb won Best Individual
A lot of time and planning goes
into the Poseidon’s Parade. Broud-
er thanks Portia Dyrenforth, Rock-
away’s Administrator from the
Parks Department, Geoff Rawling,
Alex Cannon, Katie Honan, Caro-
lyn Cryan, John Cori and Jerry Rea
for all of their help, just to name
a few. She also made a special
shout out to JohnHedderson, who
passed away on Tuesday, Septem-
ber 20. “He was a judge last year
and a huge inspiration to the cre-
ative community. He was not only
anextremely talentedartist, hewas
also a funny friend and a devoted,
loving father,”Broudersaid.
Poseidon’s Parade is expected to
be a continuous longtime tradition
and planning has already started
for 2017, with the Poseidon's Prom
fundraiser expected sometime in
the winter and next September’s
parade. “The wheels will be turn-
ing ‘til next year,” Brouder said. To
keep up to date, check out www.
poseidonsparade.com or follow
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