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The Rockaway Times
Ever dreamed of being in
Cosmopolitan magazine? Well,
the magazine covered Poseidon’s
Parade this year (ain’t Rockaway
swanky?) and posted 32 pictures
on their website, Cosmopolitan.
com, with the headline: The
annual sea-themed celebration
was especially gorgeous this year!
Check it out – maybe you can say
you’vebeen inCosmo.
Speaking of The Poseidon
Parade - Big thumbs up to the
parade organizers. It’s a labor of
loveand though thereareawards
for marchers there should be big
trophies to those who do the
hard work behind the scenes.
And of course, big thumbs up to
the imaginative marchers! This
event is now a Top Three Event
on the Rockaway calendar with
and the Taste of Rockaway (both
Shop talk. George England is
leaving Curran’s Meats for new
adventures and we wish himwell!
Whitney Aycock will soon shut
the doors on Whit’s End on RBB
and Beach 97th but fear not, Whit
will have a place at Riis Bazaar
while looking for another place in
A historical typo occurred last
week. In Emil Lucev’s column,
that Pancho Villa kidnapped a
Rockaway man in Mexico in 1926.
An alert reader informed us that
Pancho was assassinated in 1923
so it's “highly unlikely he was
involved in a 1926 kidnapping/
murder!” We’recallingitatyponot
a factual error!
The Great Irish Fair in Coney
Island this weekend once again
has a huge Rockaway presence.
Among the honorees this year
are four locals: Fr. Bill Sweeney,
Coach John Kelly; John Manning;
Recent winds and weather
have done a job on numerous
American flags. The Graybeards
have a mailbox (donated by Phil
Goldfeder) for people to drop off
flags will be given to American
Legion post to be ceremoniously
retired. Also, if anyone has a flag
that needs to be removed they can
contact the GB office via email
(office@thegraybeards.com) and
if you’ve got a replacement flag,
Jim Mullen of the Graybeards will
install thenewone.
In an item last week we
mentioned how the old HSBC
Bank on Beach 116th and Beach
Channel Drive was hit with graffiti
andweeds needed to be cut. Well,
the day we published, crews were
out cleaning the place up. We
wish we could say it was power of
the press but we think it might’ve
been a coincidence. Turns out,
HSBC no longer holds a lease – it
expired in February 2016. The
owner is Sutton Properties (run
by billionaire Jeff Sutton) who
is now responsible for the site.
The FDNY continues to consider
moving the 116th Street firehouse
to that location but that deal has
not been finalized. Some have
suggested the National Grid site
on Beach 108 for the relocation of
the firehouse. For that to happen,
a study addressing response times
(to calls west) would have to be
Big congrats to Scholars’ Aca­
demy for being named Number
5 in the New York Post’s ranking of
including schools like Stuyvesant,
which have special testing exams
for admission. It’s noted that kids
can earn up to twenty college
credits through a partnership with
St. FrancisCollege.
You’renot crazy. Not crazy if you
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Times weekly edition by email on
your phone and couldn’t figure it
out. The email subscribe wasn’t
available but that’s been fixed.
So just scroll down. If you want
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RockawayTimes.com and click
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soonyou’ll all bedoing it!
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