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The Rockaway Times
RockingThe Rockaway Times Tee
Ireland never looked so
colorful! Kevin Kelleher went
royal blue while standing
next to his drably dressed
brother Jim whose wife,
Rosemary, looked smash-
ing in her RT coral. Car-
ol Kelleher brought even
more green to the Emerald
Isle while standing next to
an uninspired gray-wearing
Mark Fernberg. Mark’s wife,
Pam, made up for hubby’s
lack imagination by look-
ing glorious in classic coral.
Tom McVeigh, eyes closed
because of all the colors
surrounding him, rocked a
limited edition white Rock
Times tee. Impressive. Pat
McVeigh, looking stunning as
ever in the vintage coral, was
smiling though it took effort
to put this crew in order.
(Photo 2): Caroline Wein-
sheimer, who always calls us
when papers run out in Breezy,
is seen here with her grand-
daughter, Willow, at the Bronx
Zoo. The Rockaway Times
tee has been seen around the
world but perhaps never before
in the Bronx ! We hear a grizzly
bear was snoozing until Carol
passed by with her shirt (which
can be heard a mile away!)