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Rockapup is Closing

Dear Editor:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closing of Rockapup at 145 Beach 116th St. 

After five years of serving our neighbors in the Rockaways, we find that as each month passes, it becomes harder and harder to keep our brick and mortar business. As it becomes simpler and less expensive to order from online stores, we simply cannot keep our doors open any longer. This is a sad time for us as we have grown to know many dogs and owners in this community and consider you all part of the Rockapup family. Lisa Long, Rockapup’s owner, has personally trained dozens of dogs in the neighborhood, and has been an unlimited source of knowledge and resource for all of Rockaway’s pets.  The staff at Rockapup has been committed to providing the best customer service possible and creating a vibe you will find at no other pet store.

We will not have a liquidation sale; but we ask that you support us as we sell off all our merchandise and equipment.  We will have a "Grand Closing" party on Friday, March 24 through Sunday, March 26 that everyone is invited to as we say our goodbyes, but please stop in anytime.  We may be open a few weeks beyond this date as needed to wind down and clear our store. For our grooming clients, we hope to be able to accommodate as many of our clients as possible privately after we close. Please speak with our groomer personally about this.

It's been a privilege to be a part of the Rockaway Business Alliance (RBA) and its growth and evolution. This up-and-coming organization is poised to do amazing things for this community and we wish them well.  They have agreed to keep up with our poop bag dispensers and continue to get more for the neighborhood.

Lastly, we regret not having the opportunity to work with Mark Caller from the Marcal Group. Mark is the new developer that is building condos on 116th and will be purchasing the Rockapup building. Mark has an inspiring vision for making 116th a true destination and we are truly excited by what he has done thus far. He would have not only been our new landlord, but a mentor and friend as well. We truly regret not being able to continue working with Mark and his team.

We wish Rockaway nothing but the best and hope to see you all again in a future venture! For inquiries, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lisa Long


Beach 116th Bummer

Dear Editor:

Dr. Peter Galvin was not in any way exaggerating in his letter regarding 116 St. I was on the block and in the time it took to walk from Pickles and Pies to Last Stop, I was asked three times for change. Looking around at all the empty stores and homeless people is very depressing. I have just learned that today is the last day for Station Liquors. What can be done? Surely we must have some interested investors who would want to build a business and help re-create this once thriving block. The summer of course is the best time for a business there (or was), but we have even lost those stores.

Cynthia Allen


Thanks, Doc

Dear Editor:

(In Response to 3/2 Ask the Doc) I deeply appreciate the doc's article on our nation's healthcare situation. In spite of the problems that have arisen with Obamacare, mainly through the rejection of healthy young people to accept responsibility as citizens, twenty million fellow citizens got health insurance for the first time. These same youngsters who would be subject to a draft if our new president chooses to get us into another war that he wants to win, why won't they recognize that each every citizen has a right to health insurance. They acknowledge the government's right to send them to war, but deny the right of all citizens to health insurance. Thanks again to the doc for his analysis.

John Traugott


Thanks to Sandy Plumbers

Dear Editor:

I was riding my bike and saw a new van with the J. Caiazzo logo. It is March 2017 and my relatives are thankful to the J. Caiazzo plumbers for being available during Hurricane Sandy. It seems we had all the executives working and supervising staff for weeks on the water heater and boiler at different stages. It took time because for five weeks or more there was no electricity in the community. To have warm water was a blessing.  Thank you Joe Jr., Michael and Anthony.   

The Stanski's


Under Warranty?

In Rockaway Park, there is the Jamaica Bay sea wall. The Trevcon Construction company or Skanska, maybe subsidiaries of each other, had the contract to install steel pile-ons, dredge the bay, and cement the area in the bay by the drain pipes, but sewers like on 120th street, etc., still flood. I talked to a Skanska rep. in the summer, and she blames the flooding on the D.E.P., not the angling/pitching downward sewer pipe, and are waiting to get a contract if enough residents file a complaint. Along the sea wall, a walkway from 108th street to 169th, the walkway is collapsing by 132nd to 137th streets and other locations. Is Skanska, a company that is still doing repairs in Rockaway Park, NY by the 20th-40th Street boardwalk, under obligation to repair workmanship on the walkway? And why not dredge down 10-20 feet? Maybe then the sewers will not back up on the roadway during high tide in a normal rain storm...thank you.   

Mr. Benjamin


Bridge Toll BS

Dear Editor:

(In Response to 03/02 article about cashless tolling) This is such BS. Instead of forcing people to get a pass, they make it easier for those who don’t, once again with our tax dollars. And why, oh why, does this have to be done during rush hour? Makes no sense all-around.

Lauri Esposito


Dear Editor:

These tolls are an injustice to the people of our communities. It suffocates financial growth because big business does not want to come here. Our assembly reps have to continuously fight for the rebate program, which as many know, is not guaranteed. NO TOLL ON CBB!

Paddy Tubz


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