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Dr. Galvin's "Leery On Lockdowns" column has quite a few specious arguments.

To start with, compare Australia and England. Australia has a strict lockdown policy and approximately zero cases. England, which twice attempted to be almost "open up" saw cases skyrocket. And the evidence in much of Europe is similar. But the best example is China's almost complete elimination of the virus without any vaccine.

The first warning about the logic, or lack of it, in Dr. Galvin's article appears when he tells us the source of his information. The American Enterprise Institute is a right wing think tank. They are slightly more reputable than the former President, but ...

Indeed, the reports are inherently suspect when a report from Brazil, with one of the world's highest infection rates, informs us that only 1.6% of the infections were explained by staying at home.

What is worse, the article compares death rates by age, but fails to discuss other disease effects. The "long haul" effect is already well documented as well as other, shorter term effects of the disease. I spoke with a former police captain the other day who told me that he believed that it was unsafe for him to have a gun for months. My suggestion is that Dr. Galvin's article is a serious disservice to the public.

Eugene Falik

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